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  1. Okay thanks. Well I was wondering both ways 1. is it even possible? 2. where can it be taken? I don't really know if it's worth cramming in to take it, but I am going to look further and if I find any information I will post it on here. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! I would post this under online-classes, but the answer can be either online classes or in person classes. My friend wanted to know if they could take the following classes during a winter session - organic chemistry, general physics lab, and general chem lab. I'm not exactly sure if these classes could possibly taken during the winter term but I thought this forum might be a good place to see if anyone has some good feedback. Thanks!
  3. i am taking a few classes at OCC (gen chem & mico) and I am looking to take immunology, pharm, biochem, - other chem classes. Looking to do them extensively online. I'm looking at Berkely's extion school - I know you must take the final somewhere proctored. Does anyone else know other places to take classes
  4. i'm looking to shadow a PA in central jersey. (I am willing to travel anywhere in NJ) any news would be great! I did search the paforum but it is hard to contact the people on the site. Thanks!
  5. ^ if you retake science classes online at a CC - is it looked down upon after graduation??
  6. After graduating from undergrad, I am planning on re-taking some science classes that I need to take in order to make my GPA better for PA school. Do college's look down on online classes - just wondering??!
  7. Hi Everyone! I wanted to post in the PA forum because I am so very interested in going to PA school in the near future but I'm not sure how to go about it. I graduated from undergrad with a super-depressing 2.5 GPA due to many family illnesses and depression but I take full responsibility for not doing as well as I should have. I want to begin by taking all my pre-reqs again & working and doing well. What other advice do you have for people who were in the same position/know someone that would? I am ready to take all the advice I can get!! Thankss!
  8. Hello all, Did anyone take an anat &physio course online? Any good recommendations. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. Hello all, Did anyone take an anat &physio course online? Any good recommendations. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Hi everyone! I am currently a senior in in final year of undergrad and I guess this is the time when I sit back and think, DAMN what am i going to do with my life. For as long as I can remember, I had always wanted to become a PA and change the lives of other because I feel like it will change my life! SAD thing is, my GPA is way below par. Let's just say - its probably not even close to a 3.0 like I would want to it to be. That being said, I have a thirst for knowledge and I'm not giving up! I will work my butt off this semester and get a job where I can gain experience and change my life around 360. I see a lot of people doing graduate school. Would it make sense for me to do a postbacc program or should I just retake all my classes that are asked of me and then apply to PA school? Also, taking online classes - should I or should I not? Anything that will help motivate me is most welcome here. PS. if you are one of those pessamistic people on this forum that will tell me I can't make it and I should probably quit while I can please don't respond to this thread but I look forward to telling you I made it sometime soon!
  11. I was looking into applying to this program. What does anyone know about this program? Any feedback
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