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  1. It was a phone call and the person asked if I was still interested in the school. And then later that day I have received two emails with detailed instructions. Anyone else is going on April 11th? :)
  2. Just so everybody knows, I got an invitation today for an interview for April 11th. So, they are still conducting interviews and you, guys, should not lose hope :)
  3. Thank you! This still feels like a dream but it's sinking in, LOL :)
  4. I just received my acceptance email today! I'll be going to Quinnipiac!
  5. Has anyone from Jan 27th interview heard anything? :)
  6. Nope... I am kind of afraid to contact them and hearing bad news, so I just sit and hope for an acceptance email :)
  7. I have read from the previous years' threads that people on the alternate list are not ranked. I have no idea how many of us are there... I have also read in the previous threads of people giving up seats... So, let's hope for the best! :)
  8. Aw! Maybe some spots open up and we'll be in the same class!!! :)
  9. Just got an email that I am on the waitlist! Anyone else heard anything?
  10. I received a rejection email today. Oh, well... It was kind of expected. So, I think the cycle closes and the schools are making their final decisions.
  11. I have an interview on the 27th... Even if it's only for a waitlist, I'd still go, probably. You never know :)
  12. Me too ... I'm keeping a positive attittude, though :)
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