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  1. Hi all, New graduate here. Just accepted a position to work as a CCU PA in a large academic institution. Anyone else worked within this setting? I'll be doing your standard MICU procedures + some cardio ones, moderate sedation, cardioversion. I'd appreciate any references, podcasts or conferences to give me insight on this position. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! I'm doing a trauma surg one already and I don't believe either peds EM or ICU is available. Any other recommendations? Cardiology?
  3. Hi everyone, I just completed my emergency med rotation a couple weeks ago which confirmed my ambition to become a future empa. We saw a descent amount of peds in this rotation and I have been assured that I will see many more kids during my family practice and primary care rotations. I have an elective rotation available and would like to see opinions on what may best provide me the best practice for a career in emergency med. I can either choose another ED or urgent care rotation or a specialty. Thanks!
  4. Is an AMEDD someone that I can request to speak with? I'm assuming they are more knowledgable.
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies. I will think about it a bit more and contact a recruiter for additional information.
  6. Thanks for the info EMED. You bring up good points..I'm sure recruiters do lie. I've read in previous military forum posts that recruiters can specify their quoted contract obligations in writing. Having no family or friends in military, I am completely military ignorant. But the last thing that I would like to happen is to join and get screwed by the system with my hands tied behind my back.
  7. Hi all, I'm currently a PA student and will be starting rotations in just a couple months. A few weeks back, I spoke with a National Guard recruiter about potential loan-repayment options serving as a reserve. From what I gathered from him, as a PA reserve, we are eligible for 75K paid at 25K per year over 3 years duration. After that up to 60K (20K per year over 3 years) will be paid. All of this totals a 6 year contract. I was also informed that our commitment would be the initial officer training (roughly 1 month), 1 weekend per month working at a clinic (where? Doing what? I really hav
  8. Thanks! I initially requested gen surg. I wasn't sure if observing ortho reconstructions/replacements would be more beneficial in learning anatomy.
  9. Hi everyone, my program has given a choice of which surgery clinical rotation to attend. As of now, I'm committed towards Emergency med and definitely see myself applying for a residency program. I would like to know your guys' opinions on which surg rotation would prepare me the best for that field. My choices are - gen surg, ortho, neuro, or cardiothoracic Thanks in advance!
  10. I tried clicking the link but it says the site is not found
  11. I'm set on emergency med too. My school offers a surgery rotation that we can choose. Either gen surg, ortho, neuro, or cardiothoracic. What might you guys recommend?
  12. I'm a current 1st year student there. Maybe I can help you out.
  13. Pacific University just received a grant to start a brand new Rural Healthcare track which will start this year. Participants of the track (5 in the class of 45 students I believe) will have a minimum 4 out of the 7 total clinical rotations in a rural and underserved location. These clinical rotations will primarily focus on training the student to be a primary provider in a remote location. Students will receive a Rural Healthcare track certificate upon completion and funding for choosing this track. However, if student decides not to be employed at an underserved AND rural location after
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