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  1. BS in Exercise and Health Sciences BS in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  2. I would think your chances of doing that are probably nil. A good course of action is to check the schools you are interested in going to, look at their requirements, that should answer your question. You generally need a Bachelor's degree to apply. I don't think they give those at Community Colleges (unless things have changed since I haven't paid attention considering our new government leadership). Understand that doing the bare minimum for application is not in your best interests. I'm a current PA student and quite a few of my classmates have MPH degrees. Point being that the pool of applicants are getting more and more competitive.
  3. Like I said, out of my league. Well, I hope I'm you guys when I grow up.
  4. Just stumbled on this. Interesting. I'm probably out of my league here: Exercise Induced Asthma?
  5. EMEDPA, keep doing the Lord's work out here. Much appreciated..
  6. It does depend on the school. CC should be fine. If you have the option anyway, take them at a 4 year university if you can help it. The courses are usually more thorough in 4 year colleges. Just speaking from people I know. Some PA schools would rather you take them at 4 year universities. Most PA schools do not care anyhow from what I can tell. The decision is yours. As for classes you didn't do well, I would personally redo any class and make sure I had a solid B or above. Also check with whats important in the schools you want to apply to and go from there.
  7. Got an interview offer from this school. Declined it. Good luck people.
  8. Personally, looking at your previous debt, I'd go with the least expensive option. Several PA's have told me it doesn't really matter where you go to school as long as: Fully accredited and decent PANCE pass rates. The rest doesn't really matter. I would choose the least expensive option if I were in your position. If i didn't have any debt at all then maybe the 3yr program, seems like the program has been well established and is more experienced.
  9. EMEDPA has a point. Saying you are 'exaggerating slightly' is a little bit of an understatement seeing as you said, I have talked to new docs who owe close to $800k. Compounded daily. "docs" imply several. And statistically, you meeting that many docs that owe that much is staggering as well. All the debt amount you mentioned here average about $350k. the $600k was due to extenuating circumstances. So where are these doctors you talk to all the time with 800k in debt? that sounds outlandish to me also. anyway, I think either way can be done. Just make sure its something you want to do. I've talked to doctors as well, never heard of it one time as well. If there is someone out there with that kind of debt ($800k), they made a huge misstep somewhere.
  10. Did my EMT training in a school in New England area. I dont know where you are but look around online, make some phone calls and find out information.
  11. It took me 2 months to finish my EMT course. It was an accelerated one. Was working 3 months after that. You're definitely not doing the right search.
  12. ^that is probably the reason you got those grades. I don't really know a lot of people going to get A's working full time with 18credits. Thats not really a smart decision IMO. I worked full time overnight, Never more than 16 credits at a time, I don't care how easy the class is. The only way 18credits makes sense to me is if you're not working. My suggestion: Go through another BS degree. Something in Health Sciences. Thats exactly what I did. I'm from another country though, so it was a different decision making process for me. but thats the only thing I can think of. Especially since you're young, I don't see what the rush is about.
  13. what schools did you apply to if you don't mind? Also, whats your undergrad degree and pre-req GPA? ^(In the grand scheme of things, these are not breakers, i'm just trying to get a sense of your whole application) I have less HCE/shadowing hours than you did and got interview in more schools and accepted at all the interviews I attended. Turned down the rest. But my hours were a little more varied. One of the school I got into administered a personality test. I'm going to assume its standard procedure but some of the other applicants didn't even recognize that was what the test was about. I did it honestly either way. Trying to 'give them what they want' might end up harming you. I was mostly myself as well. I read through this forum and I noticed a pattern: Don't be perfect, they're not looking for perfection, they're looking for human beings with good qualities. Either way, don't give up, see what you can improve and trudge on.
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