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  1. Hypothetical situation: You are a captain in the army national guard and get deployed as a PA for 6 months to 1 year. You are single (no dependents) and rent a place. Do you get BAH?
  2. So basically no different than working in the ER....
  3. I am looking at possibly making a switch from a civilian job to the VA. I was wondering if any fellow PAs would like to share their experiences working in primary care at the VA?
  4. I appreciate the info, but it does not answer my question. Thanks!
  5. Part of a mock contract I was sent gave various ranges of RVUs and the bonus for each. This would be an annual bonus. Billable RVUs 2500-2,999 = $$$$ All the way to 4501 and over = $$$$$ Can anyone help me quantify how many patients or procedures it would take to get 4501 billable RVUs at an Urgent Care as a new grad? Thanks!
  6. I have a friend trying to push me into the VA. He claims that the defined benefit package etc... equals out to more money in the long run. I have a hard time making $68k as a new grad working for the VA when I can make around $100k starting. I know the VA offers loan repayment, but I am sure it is hard to come by. Can anybody who has worked as a PA in VA shed some light on this more me? Thanks!
  7. Multiple phone interviews. I just don't want to pay the cash. Especially since I am single and can literally live/go anywhere..... If they are too cheap to pay for interviews then they are too cheap to pay for raises etc... :)
  8. I am applying for positions in a different state. They will not pay to fly me in for a face to face interview. I find this very odd. Is this the norm now?
  9. Is it normal to have potential employers say.... How about we do a Skype interview? We will interview you after you graduate? Next time you are in town please swing by for a sight interview (um 5 states away?). I have yet to have an employer fly me out. Is this a red flag or the norm? Also, I got a mock contract and it is total crapola. 25 mile non-compete clause. I can't work at any other institution period. At 4501 or greater billable RVUs I get a 7k bonus. That seems like a crap ton of patients for such a small bonus. It is for an urgent care position. The salary was not on the contract
  10. I disagree. Not all new grads are created equal. I feel some need to have their hand held for 3-5 years, but some of us, like me, study our asses off and can do a good physical exam. I disagree that you need to work 3-5 years first. I am going to do locum work when I graduate because I honestly think I can handle it. I plan on studying my ass off my first couple years of working anyway, so why not get paid more to do it? There is a lot of negativity on this website about how you can't do this, or you are dumb for doing that. I have a plethora of medical experience before PA school. I feel that
  11. I am thinking about doing this as a new grad. I think it would be a great way to build up that experience and live in some cool areas!
  12. There are two ways to give criticism. You can be unprofessional and rude, or you can do it tactfully. I can take it either way, just don't like having my rotation dictated by a mean person. I won't tolerate that shit from my future staff, especially towards students.
  13. AndersonPA, I tried to send you a PM, but it says that you can't get any messages right now. I have a question to ask you!
  14. Has anyone else had to deal with a CFA/surg tech that thinks they are a surgeon? This individual hates PAs because we are taking over the "first assisting" duties. She tries to pimp me and won't let me do anything. It is kind of funny. I get yelled at for saying the Ureter peristalsis (just like every medical textbook on the planet says) and I get yelled at because it should be vermiculate. Just as the urologist says peristalsis, she isn't so fast to correct him. Feeling Frustrated!
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