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  1. Does anyone know how it works if the patient is on the Physicians schedule but the PA performs the injections, etc. My schedule lately has been extremely slow to the point where my SP no longer feels like she needs a PA. However, when we are both in office I perform a large portion of the patient injections that are on her schedule but she bills for them after popping her head in. Therefore, my numbers actually look lower then they are. Of note, my current practice does not allow shared visits/billing.
  2. Wanting some opinions on these expectations. I've been working in my current job in a surgical subspecialty for about 1.5 years, after working in Family med for 3 years. I see new patients, return patients and a lot of post op; I do not go to the OR. I went on maternity leave and returned to a much lighter schedule (not by but choice, but due to another physician joining). Lately there are days where since I am slow the nurses go with my SP to our other location and I am told that since I know how to do all of the rooming, etc. that I will just be without a nurse for the day. Upon initial hire, I was told the doctor takes all of their own calls, a couple months in and I am seeing all hospital consults when my SP is on call twice a month. After returning from maternity leave I am told that I will be taking first call every day SP is on call (half of the month) and more recently told that the hospital is requiring a 1:4 call schedule and that the week my SP is on call I'll just take all calls (unsure as of right now if that will require me going into the hospital to see consults). No change in salary with any of these added responsibilities (bonus available but I keep being reminded that since my schedule is so slow, I'm probably not anywhere close to bonus.) I left my last job because I have 2 very young children at home and want to be home with them as much as possible.
  3. I just stumbled upon your reply since I don't get on here too often. Thanks for the advice, I was actually accepted when I applied in 2010 and graduating from UF PA this coming June.
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