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  1. I truly do appreciate the input. I am sorry if I have offended anyone and I am really not lookign for sympathy, just help. I have the utmost respect for thise who have devoted themselves to this professiona dn to serving others and I can assure that when I decide what is right for me and my family I will devote 100% and work my hardest, whether it be this career, another, or staying at home. Yes, I did post the same basic question 1 year ago. Shortly after that post, my husband and I found out we were expecting a baby. Totally unplanned..when I called my school, they allowed me to defer 1 year, hence I am now in the same postion trying to make a decision. I only want to do what is best for my family and I, and it is a really difficult decision and a lot is at stake. Therefore I am trying to do as much research as I can and get as much input as possiblem I don't know where else to find that than the people who know this career best. My passion is my family but I also want to provide for them and give the best life I can to my kids. I have worked very hard to get myself to this point and have earned my place in my pa prgram and if I move forward, I will work even harder. My family is so important that I do not want a career to swallow me up and take up all of my time. This is what I want to avoid.. I have gotten different responses..some saying pa is flexible and family friendly and. Sone saying the opposite. That is why I am still struggling and confused, looking for clarification because too much is at stake for me, my family, and future patients (if I go) for me to not be sure this is right for me
  2. I truly do appreciate everyone's input and am sorry if I have offended anyone..I have the utmost respect and appreciation for those who have chosen this career and devoted so much time and energy to serving others, and I assure that when I decide what is right for me, whether it is this field, another, or simply staying at home with kids, I will devote myself 100% and work to be the best I can be.


    Yes I did post the same basic question 1 year ago.. shortly after that post, my husband and I found out we were expecting a baby..totally unplanned. When I called my school, they allowed me to defer 1 year;therefore, I am once again faced with the decision. It is very difficult for me and a lot is on the line. That is why I am trying my hardest to do as much research and get as much input as I can before I decide..I don't know where else to go rather than to people thatknow it best

  3. Sorry for the long post... I am a new mother to a 3 month old baby and was accepted into a pa program that begins in 2 months. I am so conflicted as to whether or not I should g and have very luttle time left to decide bc school is across country so my family I need to make plans to move asap if I go. My problem is this..I chose pa because of hopes of it being a flexible and family friendly career. I do not want the intensity and busyness that goes along w the life of an MD so I really don't want to go to PA school only to find there is little difference in schedule, demands, and time away from family. I want so badly to find part time work because I. Really really desire to be at home with my children while they are young. I am reading such mixed reviews about what life as a PA is really like and I am desperate to get a true understanding of this career before I. Decide to move across country and put my family into thousands of dollars of debt. Can this career provide flexibilty and time to be at home or does it really seem to be something that requires you to revolve your life around it. I am interested in this field and feel I could really do well in it, but if my husband and I would have enough money for me to do anything that I wanted, I would choose to stay home with my kids in a heartbeat. If anyone has any advice or input or suggestions for me I would be so grateful! I am dying to get a realistic understanding of the nature of this career!
  4. Hey everyone! I am getting ready to start a PA program in June, but I have some major concerns about it, because I have a 3 month old baby and am so heartbroken/worried that I will be so involved in school that I will basically end up missing the first 2 years of her life! What I am wondering is what I can expect my life to look like on a daily basis once I start school. I know that I will be in classes from 8-5 each day.. how much do you all study/spend time in labs etc. outside of class. Do you think it is possible to still have a life outside of school and be able to spend time and give attention to children/spouses? If any of you have children, I would so appreciate your help and insight on this matter! Thank you!!
  5. Hello all, I am getting ready to start PA school in June, and I have some concerns, because I have a 3 month old baby and do not want to become so involved in a career that I end up having very little time for her. My question for you all is this.. How many options are there for finding part-time PA work? My plan when I finish school is to be able to work part-time until my kids are older and in school. I just want to know how practical and reasonable it is to assume that I will be able to find work easily for part-time. How often do you come across this and what exactly does life as a part-time PA look like, i.e., how many days/hours per week are you working? Is it possible to ask off weekends and holidays, etc. I feel that I am taking somewhat of a risk in entering PA school with this plan in mind, because I am really not open to working full-time right away because it is so important to me to have time at home with my children. Thoughts? Thanks everyone for your input!
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