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    HPSP (Navy or AF)

    Anyone know when they normally start awarding the scholarships? Is it in the spring?
  2. But they haven't notified anyone yet... if you're right, that seems like some short notice!
  3. Hey has anyone heard anything from MUSC yet? When do they normally start interviewing for theirs early admissions?
  4. Y'all have me nervous with all the HCE numbers you're throwing out there. I've only got about 450 hours HCE. I'm banking on working on that through the fall though. Will they take that into consideration?
  5. So I'm trying to narrow down where to send off my applications and, based on the admissions requirements and what-not, I think I may be a pretty good fit at LM. But then I'm looking at googlemaps and it's located in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. I mean, Knoxville is the closest city at three hours and some change. Can anyone tell me something good about Harrogate?? Does anyone know anything about this school and it's reputation? Do they merit moving to the middle of nowhere? If I get accepted, will I have to learn to hunt and forage for berries?
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