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  1. hello, I'm currently doing my rotation in the ER right now, definitely somewhere I can see myself working (plus they hire a lot of new grads from my school). A PA I was working with told me one of the MDs told him he can come in on his day off to work with anesthesiology to practice intubation skills. That's something I have always wanted to learn how to do (beyond what we learned in ACLS). As students were you guys able to practice that skill or is that more learned on the job. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.. thanks
  2. Hello, I am a PA Student that is choosing an elective for my clinical rotations. I am interested in Cardiology and curious if there are any Interventional Cardiologist PA's that can explain a little bit about their job description. Thank you very much. Kelli
  3. Hey everyone, I am currently a PA Student in my didactic year highly interested in working in EM when I graduate. I work per diem at the hospital near me as a CNA/ER Tech where I pick up shifts on my breaks to get some extra money. I have been scheduling my shifts in the ED to gain more experience-- a lot of times the PAs there will let me observe them suturing or casting which I really enjoy. Is there anything in particular I should try to start learning/observing more in depth in preparation for working as a EM PA one day? I understand I will be learning a ton during my EM clinical rotati
  4. when I got my first acceptance I saw on the caller ID on my TV that it was the admissions director.. it was at 11:00 at night. i swear I thought i was dreaming. I then danced around the kitchen with my mom haha i was estatic !
  5. I would love to know the answer to this question as well ! Thanks
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone. Yes, I was accepted at both schools. Both are high-calibar schools which will give me a great education. I have pretty much decided on the one I truly loved the most and that is closer to home. It also has an earlier start date which I like as well guthriesm. I agree with your advice that ranking is not as important as where you feel you will get a good education or just feel "right" there. I just wanted to get your thoughts as it is a very weighty decision. Thank you! :)
  7. Hello, I was wondering if any PA students could offer their opinion. I am right now deciding between two schools.. both are pretty equal in price. One school begins a little earlier (advantage for me) and is located in the city which I want to eventually live. For me, I see that as an advantage as my clinical rotations would be in the city I would want to live in.. thus giving me the opportunity to see where I might like to find a job or go on rotations with prospective employers. It is a great program but the facilities are not as built up as the second one. The second program is in another c
  8. Hello, I just recently got a job as a Medical Assistant in a Cardiology Office. However, I am overwhelmed with the types and categories of medication. I will be attending PA school next fall. Is there any book anyone would recommend that I would be additionally helpful for PA School? I know there are many out there and am unfamiliar with which brand is better than others or if they are all generic books. Thanks :)
  9. Hey everyone! I got an email for an interview around 2:30 today too! Congrats everyone! :)
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