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  1. Can anyone elaborate on the role of a Peds Hospitalist PA? What are their responsibilities? How is they pay and schedule? How many MDs do they typically work with? What is the typical pt population (diagnosis-wise)? Do they typically deal strictly with Gen Peds kids or pts from all specialties? I really love Peds Cardiology (there's something about those tiny HLHS kids that gets to me) but I don't really want to narrow my skills down so specifically in case I change my mind in 5 years. Plus I want to eventually work as a medical missionary so I want a broad base of knowledge, skills, and pract
  2. This just in: I just received my acceptance call. Apparently I was one of the alternates high on the list and got an acceptance as soon as they received a "decline" letter from someone. Let's just say I'm stoked! And so thankful someone opted to go elsewhere to give me the chance to go to UF! And the FB group is "University of Florida PA Class of 2014"
  3. I interviewed on Oct 5 and haven't heard anything...and no one new has joined the facebook group. So it looks like no one from our round got accepted right away...? Maybe we were just all too awesome they couldn't narrow us down enough. =P
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