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  1. CJAdmission

    Unused scripts, resigning

    I sold mine to a drug dealer then reported them stolen.
  2. CJAdmission

    Violent Patients

    Learn some aikido. You can cause someone tremendous discomfort while looking very gentle. A guy got handsy with me once. Wrist lock + elbow lock until security arrived. They were puzzled why I called for help because the guy wasn't moving a hair and it looked like I was just standing there.
  3. Sometimes if you stick a knife in it, that also stops the itch.
  4. I see he is letting DMD and DDS holder join. I wonder if they will start attacking dental hygienists and dental assistants next?
  5. CJAdmission

    2nd Interview, ED, what attire?

    Easy Protocol: First interview, Brooks Brothers. Second Interview, Borat Suit.
  6. CJAdmission

    Medical Model vs. Nursing Model

    You hit that nail on the head.
  7. CJAdmission

    Inappropriate Billing (Hospital)

    They were probably just getting a baseline study, in case she ever injures her shoulder.
  8. CJAdmission

    Surgery anxiety

    If you're not a dude, make sure you're not pregnant.
  9. You're thinking this would clamp down the vasculature like lido+epi?
  10. I'll switch jobs with you. I'd be perfectly happy if I never had to look in the bat cave again. I once worked in an ER where a snarky pediatrician though he would hurt my feelings by trying to put a policy in place that PAs could not see children under 5. He was pretty astonished at the staff meeting when I tried to talk them up to nothing below age 18.
  11. CJAdmission

    New PANRE

    By a lot of standards, you might already be really old.
  12. Docs spent decades acting like greedy egomaniacs. It's a shame what they did to their profession.
  13. CJAdmission

    Employee vs contracted PA

    I always thought the risks would outweigh the benefits. If you give Uncle Sam an opening to cornhole you, he is sure to take it.
  14. You're probably an "at will" employee. Your employer can set up your work conditions as they see fit, and you can choose whether or not you care to work there.
  15. CJAdmission

    PA Respect

    You're gonna be a road pizza someday. Hopefully you don't take anyone with you.

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