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  1. People aren't bright enough to exercise and stop smoking and you think they will even notice the change? They won't even look up from their cell phones.
  2. It's been said here before, but there are two routes for AMA. 1. They can attack "midlevels" eventually run PAs out of business, and see the market totally taken over by NPs that don't give a damn about the AMA. 2. They can support PAs - invented by a physician, trained in the medical model, and help lots of their members provide better care to patients. AMA is far too obtuse to go with number 2. They are a cancer.
  3. I've seen what woke looks like. Please keep me on the Propofol drip.
  4. I think a nocturnologist might be someone that studies nocturnists.
  5. I'd tell them "both HIPAA and FERPA prevent me from discussing patient care with you. Bye."
  6. I feel pretty much the same, but you'd better put on your asbestos underwear.
  7. Sometimes ya just gotta roll the dice. (Heck, might even be more than one.) I've seen most paramedics that become PAs become excellent PAs. I've seen a few struggle with things I would have thought would not have been a problem. I've seen a few that you just couldn't teach anything because they thought they already knew everything. To a large extent, success in medicine hinges on humility. Someone who comes charging in with some ax to grind with Massey doesn't fit the mold.
  8. Important, helpful hint: with this attitude, don't apply to a program where I'm on the admissions committee, sweetheart.
  9. Admissions criteria are so disparate it would be almost impossible to generate a comprehensible data set. There have been a few very small studies looking at the effect of experience on PA school success and they concluded there was no effect.
  10. It can also be very difficult to teach them to write a comprehensive H&P. They like to write little snippets of things that look like ambulance run reports.
  11. Um, yeah, that's murder by pretty much every objective standard.
  12. To people who champion "Medicare for All" are you saying this merely because you want to get everyone some basic level of coverage or because you think it will provide for quality of care? I know a lot of seniors that don't love it as their insurance, and I know a lot of practices that don't love having Medicare patients due to reimbursement rates.
  13. Is this a lifetime max? I could blow through that just paying for Levitra.
  14. Physicians need to realize the "midlevel" train has already left the station. Advanced providers are here to stay, no matter how they feel about it. Now they have to decide which model they would like to support: 1. There are PAs, who were "invented" by physicians, trained in the medical model, and have been generally eager to work side by side with physicians. or 2. There are NPs that by most measures have inferior training (at least out of the gate) are all into calling themselves "doctor," and generally give the middle finger to physicians. We are beyond the point where political crap will change anything. Physicians can support the PA profession, prioritize hiring PAs in their systems, and watch us grow and thrive. The alternative is to watch us go into extinction as the market is flooded by NPs, much like C. diff moving into a vacant colon.
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