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  1. These clowns are just as bad as the moron that said I could keep my health plan if I liked it.
  2. Be a cop. You get to shoot people and do other cool stuff.
  3. Least favorite kind of patient? That's easy. The conscious ones.
  4. Ah, the Incident Command System no doubt...
  5. Oh no, you're one of those "white helmet" guys? Does it hurt when they evacuate your cranium?
  6. Meh, free lunch with a little eye candy and a spiel I never remember. Breaks up the day a little.
  7. Here's a question - why is body integrity dysphoria regarded as mental illness while getting gender reassignment surgery is a lifestyle choice? I can cut off healthy gentials and that's fine, but if I want to cut off a health leg I'm mentally ill?
  8. You saved this dude's life. Screw what other people think. Cheers!
  9. I wonder if someone is genderfluid - can you bill more if you ask them the entire male and female ROS?
  10. There's only so many people that can crowd around an eyeball.
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