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  1. Might be they are haggling with another candidate and they are keeping you hanging as plan B in case it does not work out.
  2. Seems like the "low-IQ" is practically a job qualification for most C-suite inhabitants.
  3. Andy Rodican's work aside, when I'm involved in admissions, I don't give the essay more than a cursory glance. Anyone should be able to write a good essay, and I'd expect it's been proofed 100 times. Seeing you in person, unscripted, in your interview is much more valuable to me.
  4. This sounds like a pretty pleasant job. I'd take this over some of the vaginal retrievals I have had to do.
  5. It sure does. It also has physician members from regressive organizations that are outright hostile to PAs.
  6. I agree. Lying to patients, never. On the other hand, lying to medical administrators, all the time.
  7. Compared to the ARC-PA, the NCCPA looks like it is completely staffed by benevolent, selfless geniuses
  8. Is there a severability clause in the contract?
  9. If you think being an MA is bad, wait until you see the amount of paperwork you have to do as a PA.
  10. Agreed. I used to make a hobby of pissing off admin.
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