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  1. CJAdmission

    Alternate Candidate List

    You can get pulled of the wait list pretty much up to the first day of class. There is a lot of shifting among candidates these days.
  2. CJAdmission

    Life Transition: Open to Suggestions

    This thread is about switching jobs? I thought it was going to be a Bruce Jenner thing.
  3. Hospitals smell bad. Upside is you can pass gas at work and no one blames you.
  4. CJAdmission

    Lecom Apap Graduates

    This level of non-communicativity might be a bad sign. It would be a dealbreaker for me.
  5. CJAdmission

    AOA Warning on PA "Independence"

    Sounds a lot like the arguments that were used against DO licensure a half century ago. If you ask me, it's pretty arrogant coming from someone who couldn't get into an allopathic med school.
  6. CJAdmission

    My reaction when

    You are trying to say that you never worked in your garden in the nude?
  7. I'm not a proctologist, but I know an a-hole when I see one. If you feel like you are gaining good procedural experience that will eventually help you land a better job, you might stay as long as is tolerable. Otherwise, flee!
  8. If you work 3 twelve hours shifts, you have something like 100 days off a year. Holidays you get used to missing; for religious holidays there are often people of another faith very happy to make time and a half and trade your shift. Family events you should almost always be able to schedule around, as long as you work with decent humans.
  9. That's kinda like saying go get in the closet and shut the door and I am going to fire a gun through the door. There's only around a 5 percent chance I'll kill you.
  10. CJAdmission

    Down-Code Billing issue

    You work with/for jerks. Get out of there.
  11. CJAdmission

    Inpatient Admission

    Yep, this will vary by state law, institution policy or insurance company policy.
  12. CJAdmission


    A well timed, "Excuse me, who do you think you are?" can often have a good effect, especially if others are around.
  13. CJAdmission

    Altitude sickness

    If I recall correctly, the Viagra and Cialis weren't related to altitude sickness. They were just supposed to keep you from accidentally rolling down hill while you slept.
  14. CJAdmission

    Narcotics Maximus

    They may be covered, but are we proud of the quality of care they receive? Government oversight may just mean crappy care for everyone instead of just the populations listed above. This is definitely an issue. My only concern is that if society makes a stink, they are much more likely to raise prices in Haiti than lower prices in the US!
  15. CJAdmission

    Narcotics Maximus

    Someone here has problem transferral disorder. They are trying to make their problem your problem. You're nice if you just say no. My response would have been "F*** off!"

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