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  1. CJAdmission

    Down-Code Billing issue

    You work with/for jerks. Get out of there.
  2. CJAdmission

    Inpatient Admission

    Yep, this will vary by state law, institution policy or insurance company policy.
  3. CJAdmission


    A well timed, "Excuse me, who do you think you are?" can often have a good effect, especially if others are around.
  4. CJAdmission

    Altitude sickness

    If I recall correctly, the Viagra and Cialis weren't related to altitude sickness. They were just supposed to keep you from accidentally rolling down hill while you slept.
  5. CJAdmission

    Narcotics Maximus

    They may be covered, but are we proud of the quality of care they receive? Government oversight may just mean crappy care for everyone instead of just the populations listed above. This is definitely an issue. My only concern is that if society makes a stink, they are much more likely to raise prices in Haiti than lower prices in the US!
  6. CJAdmission

    Narcotics Maximus

    Someone here has problem transferral disorder. They are trying to make their problem your problem. You're nice if you just say no. My response would have been "F*** off!"
  7. CJAdmission

    Interesting Reddit Thread

    Lawyer bait.
  8. CJAdmission

    Unused scripts, resigning

    I sold mine to a drug dealer then reported them stolen.
  9. CJAdmission

    Violent Patients

    Learn some aikido. You can cause someone tremendous discomfort while looking very gentle. A guy got handsy with me once. Wrist lock + elbow lock until security arrived. They were puzzled why I called for help because the guy wasn't moving a hair and it looked like I was just standing there.
  10. Sometimes if you stick a knife in it, that also stops the itch.
  11. I see he is letting DMD and DDS holder join. I wonder if they will start attacking dental hygienists and dental assistants next?
  12. CJAdmission

    2nd Interview, ED, what attire?

    Easy Protocol: First interview, Brooks Brothers. Second Interview, Borat Suit.
  13. CJAdmission

    Medical Model vs. Nursing Model

    You hit that nail on the head.
  14. CJAdmission

    Inappropriate Billing (Hospital)

    They were probably just getting a baseline study, in case she ever injures her shoulder.
  15. CJAdmission

    Surgery anxiety

    If you're not a dude, make sure you're not pregnant.

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