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  1. Is there a severability clause in the contract?
  2. If you think being an MA is bad, wait until you see the amount of paperwork you have to do as a PA.
  3. Agreed. I used to make a hobby of pissing off admin.
  4. Seriously, what morons ever thought you could just stop? Have we become so stupid we need mommy government to guide us in everything we do? We have become a helpless society, and the fools who run things - from both parties - are only making it worse.
  5. Is it ok if I do Pilates every morning wearing only my socks?
  6. You need help beyond random stranger advice on an internet forum. You should find a life coach or counselor to work with or this will never get better. You need to determine if you are taking good care of patients or not. If you are, then don't give a damn what other people think. Don't wind up on meds because of this, but don't let it go either. This is happening to your generation because our society has become is so soft and politically correct. We used to learn to deal with people like these a-holes early in life, but now everyone is sheltered and they never develop that skill. My high school football coach would make your ER doc look like Bambi.
  7. These clowns are just as bad as the moron that said I could keep my health plan if I liked it.
  8. Be a cop. You get to shoot people and do other cool stuff.
  9. Least favorite kind of patient? That's easy. The conscious ones.
  10. Ah, the Incident Command System no doubt...
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