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  1. CJAdmission

    Am I Setting a Good Example...

    Two boxes of thin mints? I usually get at least a case.
  2. I hate to say it, but I fear it's only a matter of time. Ever since the MBAs took over the humanism is getting crushed out of medicine.
  3. You really have to ask? Cha-ching
  4. I wouldn't blame the school for this - this is all facility policy. It's the scumbags in the executive suite making this decision.
  5. You can also get up to 10 hours Cat I CME on an hour for hour basis. The school has to apply to AAPA and set some things up but it isn't onerous I used to precept a good bit and would never have accepted money. It would have made me feel scummy. Don't be a paid preceptor if you are one of the people b****ing about how expensive PA education is getting. I have also heard of a bunch of places that charge schools to take students and then don't pass any along to the preceptors. Super scummy.
  6. CJAdmission


    Could you please provide your age and number of years in fulltime clinical practice?
  7. CJAdmission

    Stony Brook vs PACE Lenox Hill????

    It's not even close. Go to Stony Brook.
  8. Given the monopoly they have, I don't see why not.
  9. CJAdmission

    Med student to Pa?

    Snap out of it, dude. You're talking crazy.
  10. CJAdmission


    I'm not sure that's the case. If someone wants to willfully do stupid things that will potentially complicate their life, complicate your practice, lead to bad outcomes and drive up healthcare costs, I'm not sure a clinician is obliged to go along for the ride. As providers we enter into a contract with our patients regarding their care. Either party can violate that contract. Why go to a healthcare provider if you are going to ignore their advice? You obviously don't trust their judgement. I told my accountant that I was embezzling money from my job and that I had under-reported my income to the IRS for the last 10 years. He won't be my accountant anymore.
  11. CJAdmission

    Essential oils infuriate me

    Just let them be. It's good for business. If it wasn't for dumb people, half of the medical profession would be unemployed.
  12. CJAdmission

    Essential oils infuriate me

    Nah, you need some of this:
  13. CJAdmission

    Why did you choose PA?

    Wow, I have found physicians to be almost the most utterly miserable people around. They are usually more miserable than the patients. The ones I have worked with have pretty uniformly told their kids not to go into medicine.
  14. CJAdmission

    Not an actual doctor

    That's right Yazmin, it isn't your child's fault. It's your fault. You made the decision to bring a toddler on a long, dangerous, illegal journey. She didn't deserve this.
  15. CJAdmission

    Is New Grad anxiety normal?

    The day that you don't have any anxiety anymore will be the day you start hurting people.

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