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  1. CJAdmission

    Weirdest/funniest complaint

    Did you advise him to wash dishes by hand in the future? Or maybe perform a cabinet-doorectomy?
  2. This is a civil matter, unless they say you abused the dog. Should have no bearing on licensure.
  3. CJAdmission

    Noncompete clause?

    If you ever want out of a job, it is easy to become a pleasant - but very slow moving - employee. They will soon agree that parting will be mutually beneficial.
  4. CJAdmission

    Skipping Orgo Lab

    I've looked at a lot of transcripts, and people tend to do better in the lab than the course.
  5. CJAdmission

    Need Help Please Advise

    Sounds like they violated the contract on their end. I would mention that and see what they say. You should be able to walk. How are they billing if they aren't charting?
  6. CJAdmission

    Cocaine + Ativan

    Cocaine and ativan together? What's the point? That's like turning on the heat and the air conditioning at the same time.
  7. CJAdmission


    Unless the practice is seeing patients for free, more work should = more funds. Tell them to make it rain.

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