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  1. I heard of one school that asked a guy "How much do you masturbate?" He responded "Not as much as I deserve" and got in.
  2. Cat 1 can be offered by PA programs to preceptors. It costs the program a couple hundred bucks to register to be a CME provider with AAPA. To the preceptor it's totally free.
  3. No matter who you are, someone would be cheered by news of your death. In my case, scores of people.
  4. I'm aware, just not sure why there might be a radical hour differential between 1 and 2. If you claim it and they don't care, good on ya.
  5. Just keep it high enough that you don't have "probation" notations on your transcript.
  6. This has changed. You can now claim a max of 20 credits, and you get 2 hours CME per FORTY hour week. https://www.aapa.org/cme-central/aapa-cme-accreditation/category-1-cme-for-preceptors/
  7. Same here. People make choices. It's up to them to live - or die - with them.
  8. Cat 1 I think they changed 10 hours = 1 hour CME or something like that. Not sure about Cat 2, but I guess they'd use the same?
  9. 😘       Stretch.JPG.9e815071cabc5832913dcabffd658278.JPG       winter trending фон, футаж, footage, background, снег, снежинки, зимний футаж, зима, зимний фон, Snowflake, Футаж для видео ( footage background). discover-snowflake GIF

  10. You should ask if all the surgeons will also have to get certified. There is an agency to certify surgeons to first assist: http://www.csaexam.com/becoming-a-csa/certification-requirements/ I'm sure they would love it.
  11. Are you near a PA program? See if they could use a lecture. You can also get cat 1 and cat 2 for being a preceptor for students.
  12. Whoever the national society of UC medicine is should make up signs saying "the following complaints can not be suitably treated in an urgent care and should go to a hospital ER..." and stick them on the front door.
  13. 😘       Stretch.JPG.9e815071cabc5832913dcabffd658278.JPG       winter trending фон, футаж, footage, background, снег, снежинки, зимний футаж, зима, зимний фон, Snowflake, Футаж для видео ( footage background). discover-snowflake GIF

  14. I have a response for ACEP. Actually, it's more of a gesture than a response.
  15. Anything that forces a provider to do something they do not want to do is a losing proposition.
  16. Fragile people are generally not well suited for medial careers.
  17. I'd be very careful that you don't come across as rehearsed. Use these resources to help organize the points you want to emphasize and leave it at that. If it seems like you are reading from a script instead of thinking spontaneously, you're toast.
  18. It's not required at most programs that you have a 4.0 GPA, but I bet it still helps. It's up to you to weave together the set of things that will make you a unique, qualified applicant. Although you have to be fairly solid in all areas, some folks will lean more on grades and others on experience.
  19. Sounds more like she wanted you to write the dog a letter that she was the emotional support human.
  20. I might start an online medical consulting business specializing in support animals. You can send all your patients to me. I'm afraid the full evaluation will cost several thousand and not be covered by insurance, but if it helps Karen bring her dwarf giraffe along on her next United flight, I think we can all agree it will be money well spent.
  21. I'd just do it. If someone doesn't like it, they'll let you know. Who is going to get mad at you? PETA?
  22. This doesn't really matter to most of them as they do not own their practices anymore.
  23. In spite of butterfly and rainbow messages about caring about patients, the AOA is nothing more than an advocacy organization devoted to protecting and expanding practice for its members. They will oppose pretty much anything that makes life better for us. Being devoted to physicians does nothing for us. For a long time I thought our stated bond with physicians would protect us as the preferred "midlevel." We avoided the often combative language used by our NP colleagues. The reality is that "midlevels" are here to stay - physicians can't un-ring that bell. Physicians can thus choose to
  24. Unless "associate" is somehow protected by law in Texas, there's nothing they can do from stop you from using it. You can also call yourself a "clinician," "practitioner," "provider," or "medical care practitioner." Tell the TMB to screw.
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