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  1. Two different career paths. One involves taking care of embassy staff. The other is likely more about applying car batteries to people's genitals.
  2. Even better, she has a post on her website where she says how much she hates government regulations and supports the free market. Yet she is not willing to let the market play out in having patients select their provider.
  3. This is why I would never have worked with a solo practitioner - all your eggs are in one basket. Groups always appeared safer to me. But I guess now if they are not hiring PAs, that's the end of that.
  4. What Mike said. Anything surgical you have to wear the hospital's scrubs because they don't know where yours have been. If you know from students ahead of you that some sites will let you wear your own (like ER) it's worth getting a few. Darker is better (navy blue over ceil blue). Get pants with extra pockets.
  5. Firearm legislation would be a great topic for another thread. One person's toy is another person's tool. It strikes me that limiting a law abiding citizen's ability to defend themself is not the best answer. You can final all kinds of videos online where multiple perps are involved in something like a home invasion and the homeowner needs every shot they can get.
  6. I'm going to start a new thread on the topic of racism over in the political area so as to not derail this thread. I'd be interested for your input. See you there.
  7. I hadn't heard that, but I'm not really much into the Manhattan real estate market. Do you know the guy holding hands with Biden here?
  8. I'm going to let all y'all test it out before I give it a try. Someone has to take care of you when you all get MS/autism/Guillain-Barre.
  9. Tell them you need to see a man about a dog.
  10. One problem is that physicians don't really want this research to occur on a large scale. It can't possibly benefit them. Imagine the PR nightmare they would face if APP were found to provide superior care? They can risk rupturing the conventional wisdom that physicians know best, all the time, in all cases.
  11. Good luck Rev! I hope it doesn't turn you into a mutant. (Unless it's a cool one, like Wolverine.)
  12. On another note, if the cardiologist is your supervising physician, he should tell the other doc to go fornicate himself.
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