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  1. At this point, that is pure speculation. If you and your family are immunized what do you care?
  2. Yeah, that cuts both ways. Have you ever heard of a medication that was on the market for a while and then pulled off after long-term adverse effects were identified? This is a real thing. For whatever reason you might think the odds are vanishingly small; others do not.
  3. Those were the same scientists that prescribed calomel, blistering and blood letting, right?
  4. LOL, I'll tell the CDC to put you two in charge of their PR efforts to win over the hearts and minds of the nation.
  5. That's legitimate. I'm pretty much never on there, so I miss a lot of the foolishness.
  6. 😘       Stretch.JPG.9e815071cabc5832913dcabffd658278.JPG       winter trending фон, футаж, footage, background, снег, снежинки, зимний футаж, зима, зимний фон, Snowflake, Футаж для видео ( footage background). discover-snowflake GIF

  7. Yeah, that's pretty much the attitude I was bemoaning in my post above. "Smart people" once took thalidomide, too.
  8. I feel bad for the general public. I really do. A big part of the problem is that the mainstream media has become little more than shills for political parties on both sides. They no longer report facts; everything is opinion and spin. There is no credibility. The current message is that you are stupid/evil/backwards if you have concerns about the vaccine. It's arrogant and dismissive. Add to this the fact that the medical profession is largely populated by many of the most entitled, egotistical, condescending people in society and it is easy to see why people are pissed rather than thou
  9. Nah, now that it's legal, the good money is in reefer.
  10. There is not necessarily any relationship between creativity, intelligence or wisdom and having a doctoral degree. A doctoral degree is an endurance test, nothing more.
  11. Someday, I hope both providers and society at large revolt against corporate medicine. But I just don't see it.
  12. LOL. I've never been impressed by a physician's CV. I sure as heck won't be impressed by an assistant's CV! Screw the lofty people in this profession. They have led us here.
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