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  1. I emailed to NC state medical board on their website, and this was their reply. I'm posting it here for anyone with similar questions! "Good afternoon. Thanks for the email. Yes, you can go ahead and start the PA application. While you have to pay and submit the application to us within 30 days, you actually have a year to send in all the documents to us. Most students complete the online application, pay and then start sending in the required documents. Often, we will have all the documents except the education verification form and the PANCE scores by the time the student graduates. This is really ideal because we can then issue the license quickly once we get the last two forms. Please let me know if you have any more questions."
  2. Hey! I will be graduating PA school March 28th and taking the PANCE April 7, 2014. I hope to land a job shortly thereafter, as I will start applying for jobs in February. I was reading up on the NC licensure requirements and saw that it can take up to three months. I also understand I cannot do much besides shadowing until I get this license. Also, I don't believe NC issues temporary licenses for new grads. When should I start applying for NC licensure? Although passing the PANCE is an obvious requirement, do I have to wait to submit the application after I pass, or can I submit now and hope that by the time it gets reviewed I will have taken and passed the test. Thanks!
  3. Yes, South uses the standard CASPA application, so 3 LOR are needed.
  4. I got my acceptance packet in the mail today! I can't believe it! I am super excited to start school in January! See you all then! :D
  5. There is hope for people with low GPAs! :D Undergrad School: University of North Carolina at Asheville Major: Biology Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.19 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.02 Age at application time : 23 GRE: 1320, Writing 4.5 Direct Patient Care : 1100 Hours as a Habilitation Technician (like a CNA) Shadow/Volunteer: 80 Hours Volunteering at Hospital Help Desk Shadowed 2 different PAs for 3-4 hours each (7-8 hours total) Extracurricular Activities: Quizbowl! Schools Applied: ECU, South University, MUSC, Jefferson College, Wingate Application Submitted Date: Mid June Interview Invites: South University Denied: none Withdrew Application: ECU, MUSC, Jefferson College, Wingate Accepted: South University--1st choice- 9/6/11 Attending: South University!! :D
  6. Overall you do an alright job at making a statement and showing, though experience, how that statement is true. However, you are several drafts away from writing the compelling, professional piece that will sway the adcoms. A few things: "Both of my parents are also familiar with hospital visits; my dad for the removal of his pituitary gland and my mom for many breast cancer procedures." The gist of the paragraph seems to be focused on how welcoming you view healthcare providers. I would cut this down. Maybe spend a sentence or two on how you feel welcomed. Stating your and your families medical histories in a personal statement may make sense w/in the context, but you are devoting too many words to something that, when compared to HCE or shadowing, is not as important. "I have learned so many things from some really great doctors and nurses who truly care about each and every patient. " I recommend expanding on what specifically you have learned. Tell the adcoms exactly what skills, values, and habits you plan to carry into the healthcare field. However, note that lessons learned through observing doctors/nurses will not be taken as seriously as lessons learned through direct patient care experiences. Also, what was your position as a volunteer at the hospital? "I also began working at the local senior living facility." As what? "It is so gratifying to hear how much I am appreciated when I help someone complete a task that they are unable to complete for themselves." I would rephrase this sentiment or take it out entirely. Well, its a good start, and there is more to talk about, but this essay needs to go through several eyes and revisions before being considered complete. #1 Find a lit major friend/ visit your schools writing department and have them fine tooth comb this for you-- you will have a much stronger essay for it. I noted several cliches and generalizations in this essay, which weakens the message you are trying to convey. Also, several sentences have awkward structure and pacing, which further detracts from your points. I hope this review helped!
  7. My 248 word essay is for a non-CASPA program I'm applying to. The assignment is to "write a brief essay of 250 words or less explaining your interest in your choice of the Physician Assistant Program, past related experiences, and why you believe you are a good candidate for the profession." Here is my PS: My experiences at (college) gave me a profound appreciation for the mechanisms of the body on a cellular level. In that time I realized I was most interested to learn about disease. Discovering how parasites, bacteria, and viruses incapacitate the body gave me a greater understanding of the underlying origin, functions, and importance of cellular components under normal conditions. Becoming a Physician Assistant would give me the opportunities to not only learn about the complexities of various diseases, but also to use this knowledge to help treat my patients. After becoming licensed as a CNA, I chose to work as a habilitation technician at the Irene Wortham Center. Along with assisting with activities of daily living, I am responsible for helping clients with intellectual and physical impairments perform personalized programs aimed at promoting independence and developing basic skill sets. Actively engaging each client in their daily programs takes patience, communication, and versatility, as well as an understanding of the individual's personality and temperament. It is encouraging to see clients readily use the skills that were previously challenging to them. Observing their progress has further reinforced my desire to continue working in healthcare, and has strengthened my determination to become a Physician Assistant. Working as a Physician Assistant would give me the chance to improve people's health and quality of life in a more medically oriented setting. The work would be challenging, energizing, and fulfilling, and I am confident that I would both love and excel at this profession. _____ I need fresh eyes. I feel this draft is not terrible, but not where it needs to be to WOW the adcoms. I am concerned not only about meeting the basic requirements of the PS, but also the flow of the essay. Does the essay explain both my interest and passion for the field and any qualifications adequately? Does it make sense or is it jumpy? Although I am relatively young (almost 23) I know I want to be a PA, and for what I feel are valid and numerous reasons. If there is any doubt it may be because I am not a great writer :p At the end of the day, its up to the adcoms to decide if I'm ready to join their PA program, and having just 250 words to explain everything makes it a bit tight. Any help is appreciated! Thank you for looking over my essay!
  8. I think the difficulty for me comes from the fact that I only have 250 words to tell a stranger why I want to be a PA and what life experiences led to that decision. Its a bit daunting seeing as I've written longer (punishment) essays for why I forgot to bring a pen to english class in the 7th grade :p For perspective, my essay can only be a little over twice the length of this post! Erg. And yes, there was a twinge of "Oh do I really have to do this again?" But, writing has never been my strong suit haha Having rewritten it, it just feels so rushed. Good thing I have a lit major friend! May also have to do the unthinkable and post it to the forums.... ;p
  9. Thanks for the advice! It was what I was thinking, I will just have to rewrite it. At least this way I can tailor it to the school.
  10. My personal essay is 3108 characters, well below CASPAs 5000 character limit. But MUSC's limit is 250 words, or 1000 characters. I worked so hard on my essay and it flows really well, I just don't know what I can cut out. Is just leaving it the way it is acceptable? Is submitting an essay three times longer than asked going to look like I can't follow directions? Or, would it be better to cut stuff, making it a slightly weaker essay, in order to try to meet the new character limit? If more info is needed, I can send my PS. Thank you for your help!
  11. Congrats to everyone who got in for Jan 2012! I am applying for that class as well. My CASPA application will be complete the first week in July (waiting on a letter of recommendation, everything else is done). I know that it will be cutting it close to their application deadline and a lot of the spots will be filled by then. Does someone with a 3.19GPA, 1000 hours Hab Tech (kind of like CNA, although I have that too), 1320 and 4.5 on GRE have a shot so late in the game? Savannah is my number one choice, I would love to go here! Oh grad school applications, so nerve racking :p
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