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  1. I think we should start a FB group in late spring since most people are still waiting on other schools as well I'm assuming? It looks like Touro is the best fit for me and I already sent my deposit in the fall.
  2. I sent my supplemental in August and interviewed in September. It's the first school I was accepted to haven't heard back from the majority of my schools I applied to. I had all the pre-reqs done before then.
  3. I still haven't heard anything, probably getting a rejection letter in January since when I called the program the woman said decisions are made by January. Luckily I'm already accepted into another program, but Stony Brook was my #1 choice, so I'm a little bummed :(
  4. Since I noticed everyone is hearing back so quickly I'm not sure why I haven't. I submitted my supplemental 2 weeks ago and haven't heard anything except a thank you as a confirmation they received it. :( Do you think I should call and check on my status? Anyone else with the same problem?
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