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  1. Curious, where did you commit to?  

  2. Please message me on the side, I can share those details with you. @KateP2020
  3. Hi! What are some of the clinical rotations/hospital affiliations does Drexel have in Philadelphia that you know?
  4. Just got an acceptance call today! so excited!
  5. They have opened another wave of interviews for the Philadelphia campus. Stay hopeful
  6. What are some of your stats if you do not mind.
  7. I got into the Pa program at Seton Hall. I was just wondering, how much do you make per year?

  8. 1560 was near perfect when I was in high school in 03 I dont understand. I'm in pa school not undergrad.

  9. Yes, but have you taken a look at University of Philly? The college accepts students who have received a simple 1560.

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