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  1. Don't worry, you were helpful! Hopefully if I take chem at county my credits will transfer over
  2. From what I've learned in an interview at St. John's a few weeks ago, the University typically accepts 10-15 students into the Professional Phase program that already have their BS
  3. Did your credits transfer because you were transferring to St. John's into the professional phase years? Or did you enter as a graduate student? I'm not really sure what exactly will transfer over since I'm entering as a sophomore this fall.
  4. Hello, I'm currently a freshman at Manhattan College with a major of Allied Health Science on the pre-medical track. I'll be transferring to St. John's this fall into the PA program. I did not take chemistry at Manhattan College but I plan on taking it at my local community college this summer. However, I have heard that the chemistry classes are extremely specific and unique to St. John's and the program. Does anyone know if the credits from a community college chemistry class and lab would transfer over and meet the requirements of St. John's? Thanks
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