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  1. I thought you were trying to take it easier these days?! ANOTHER per diem?
  2. Yep, but if you want to stop and they are cold.... get a K and/or a pH and call it good. Extreme cold, like falling into an ice-covered lake and being pulled out and resuscitation attempted, is more likely to come in with super high K. In this situation, it would be nice to know the chance of getting them warm and alive is nil.
  3. Just took ATLS at OHSU the last two days and this subject actually came up. The trauma doc leading it said they can be "cold and dead" IF their potassium is over 10 OR their pH is 7 or below. This only applies in adults as it hasn't been verified in kids. I'm not sure what study she was talking about, though.
  4. I was limited in location by family obligations, and all of my somewhat local schools were pretty pricey. But if I had a choice in location, I would have chosen the least expensive program. In the end, I think your success depends on your dedication to studying and self-learning. As a new grad this year, my student loans are ATROCIOUS!
  5. I've passed PANCE and I'd like to offer my last 2 months of access for $50 OBO. Please PM me if interested.
  6. I have an account good through 11/30/18. $50 through Venmo.
  7. Hi everyone! I'm a Seattle 2018 graduate. I thought I'd pop in here and see if I can answer any questions you might have? There were previous Medex students that did the same for me 3 years ago, so I'm paying it forward. After browsing this thread, I can say there are usually at least one interview a month from late September through Jan/Feb for Seattle. The last interview is for applicants for all sites, but I think they are still interviewing you for a specific site only. They will continue to send out interview invitations all Fall/Winter, so you could get a Jan interview even if you applied in May. Don't give up too soon! Also, meeting up the day before the interview to mingle and find people to attach to doing the interview day is a great idea. I think they watch you interact with people all day, and that is easier if you have "friends". Remember, the whole day is an interview... interact and show them your personality. They want to make a cohort that gets along well.
  8. I just got hired for ED with Vituity as a new grad. They used to be California Emergency Physicians. They have their own recruiters and are in multiple states. I think they also hire for hospitalists? Great pay, excellent benefits. I'm still in the credentialing process, so I'm not able to say how it is to actually work for them except that it seemed like their employees were happy at my site when I interviewed.
  9. I'm a new grad that just accepted an ED offer. It has 4 weeks PTO (increases to 5 weeks at 3 years) and 2 weeks sick time.
  10. Good to know. Now to find the $600+ it would cost to take it as a poor PA student....
  11. Are you able to take this course as a PA student? I tried emailing about a class at a local hospital and got nothing but crickets in reply. I'd like to have this cert before graduating and applying to emergency positions.
  12. Hi all. I'm a current student of University of Washington's MEDEX program. I need to interview an ED PA in the next week or so for an assignment. It would only take about 20-30 minutes. In person would be preferred, but I could do a phone interview if needed. All you would need to do is tell me some of your story, what you think about working in the ED, etc. I'd deeply appreciate any help or leads! Thanks, April~~
  13. Undergrad: Portland State University (BS Molecular/Microbiology - graduated August 2015) Cumulative GPA: 3.41 Cumulative Science GPA: 3.24 CASPA Submitted: May 2015 to top choices and early June to the rest CASPA Verified: Within a week Age: 43 (an outlier!) GRE: V161, Q150, W 4.0 HCE: 23 years as a paramedic Shadowing: 24 hours with a hospitalist PA LOR: Hospitalist PA, Paramedic Training Officer, Biology Professor Schools Applied: UW Medex, OHSU, Pacific, Samuel Merritt, UC Davis, Marshall B. Ketchum, Charles Drew (missed a needed med term prereq), was willing to add more if needed! Interviews: UW Medex (Sept), OHSU (Oct), Samuel Merritt (declined), Marshall B. Ketchum (declined) Interview Waitlist: None Rejected: OHSU, Pacific, UC Davis Accepted: UW Medex Attending: UW Medex!! Attempt: 2nd Last cycle, I applied in late August to UW Medex, OHSU, and Pacific. I was still in progress to get my BS degree. I was interviewed by OHSU and UW Medex... with a rejection from OHSU and a waitlist from UW after attending their very last interview. I learned my lesson and applied EARLY this cycle! I turned in the apps for my top 2 schools in May and the others in early June to see if I could get early interviews at the schools I wanted most and save some traveling fees. It seemed to work since I was interviewed at UW Medex during their first interview of the cycle and accepted less than a week later thus allowing me to decline other interviews out of the area. I do recommend interviewing at at least a couple of schools because there is definitely a feel at each and you want to fit in and be comfortable even if it isn't the closest program or the one you thought you'd like the best.
  14. I was also contacted for an interview. I will be declining this interview because I accepted somewhere a little closer (3 hours away lol). Good luck to everyone and I hope someone who takes my interview spot gets in! April~~
  15. Well, I have been rejected for the second time at OHSU. They sent an email today. Good luck to all those still hoping to attend this program! While it is never nice to be rejected, I'm pretty stoked to be attending UW Medex next year! :) April~~
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