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  1. Hello fellow PAs', As you may or may not know (most likely the latter), I will be starting PA school next year, but for the past 5 years I am a DJ, performing at various venues. There is a chance that I will be sent to Ultra Music Festival, with over 1 million people in attendance, over a 3 day time frame. But I need your help! Please listen to my DJ set. you can find it here. post any comments, and please favorite it, the heart is on the top right. If I win, I will be the first PA-DJ performing at one of the worlds largest music festivals!! Here is the link and thats alot!! All support is greatly greatly appreciated! Regards DJ K-NU
  2. i got into the 3+3 for the class of 2015! Umdnj is a great school and all the instructors are extremely good-hearted. You guys will love it!
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