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  1. Wow lchernof, what a nice advice novel you have written! Seriously, that is great advice...very well put! (: Just wanted to say CONGRATS to you on your acceptance! (: Yay4U~!
  2. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO IS INTERVIEWING! Hope you're able to succeed and get on with the life endeavor of PA-HOOD! (: I got my "regret to inform you" letter from this school today, darn!
  3. ....And....CONGRATULATIONS TO THOSE OF YOU WHO HUNG IN THERE FOR THE PAINSTAKING AWAIT and MADE IT IN! (: YAY 4U~ (: ----SRB, ratherbookish, JMHB, JenM88 hope you are enjoying the program thus far! (:
  4. After interviewing, some candidates are placed on the "alternate list"...as far as I recall they do not rank the alternates at WUHS. These "alternates" are people who make the admissions commitee think they may want to have them in the program...but they have slight hesitation from just full out accepting them and so they save them to see if they don't get enough people they want to accept (or people who were accepted chose other programs) by the end of the interview process then they will review all those on the "alternate" list to see if anyone is "acceptable" at that point to pull from the
  5. Congrats on the interview invite 22alexandra! Go get 'em! (:
  6. Supplemental App. Deadline isn't 'til Nov 7th so probably got awhile to wait still....Happy Waiting to ALL! (:
  7. Did you have pre-reqs in progress? Maybe they are waiting to see what the rest of the applicant pool looks like once others submit supplementals? Perhaps you are on "hold" in case they don't see anything else they like, then they will take you in for an interview? There is most likely "something" they are having reservations about with your application, but hopefully they look past it and interview ya already! (: That's my GUESS! Best wishes as you await the clarification!
  8. Luckyslushy...I would say that you should find that job and work as an EMT for a year to gain experience to be a more competitive candidate next cycle, unless you are able to put out the money to apply and not worried if you don't "make it" this year? I think that the letters of rec. are more "worth" the ink when they are someone who knows you well and will submit a sincere letter rather than a "cookie cutter/one size fits all" type of letter. I think that the MD is good, your physiology prof. if you made an impression on them is also good. I know that for supervisors it is also good becaus
  9. I don't know the supplemental app. deadline either...I would think it is probably November 1st as is the CASPA deadline...just my guess though! (:
  10. I received my Supplemental Application Invite Sept 6th. YAY! (: Looking forward to a positive experience here forward! BEST WISHES EVERYONE!
  11. Hoping the interviews went splendid for you today! I am excited for those of you interviewing Monday as well! (: CONGRATS!
  12. That makes perfect sense to me, I am confident that those who were invited to submit the secondary (fee) are still being considered and must patiently wait to hear of interview possibilities! I submitted my CASPA app before the *note* went up, although I wasn't able to receive the secondary invite, but haven't received a formal rejection letter in the mail...so I haven't written this school off my list for this cycle as of yet...hoping they reconsider my app and ask me to submit a secondary and invite me in for an interview at the last minute~! Now that's hope right? GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  13. User Name is wise and makes good points on this issue! I agree! (: Considering the posts last year, people were quite upset at ATSU taking their money despite the fact they would just turn around and reject them for sake of no interview space left...I am curious to see what happens next year also with the Biochem requirement...if they go forward with it and don't push it back... Good Luck everyone! Be persistent and make success out of your efforts! (:
  14. Thanks for the "moral support" everyone! (: Glad to see they put a note up so nobody puts the money toward this program at this stage! For now I'm just working on the other 7programs I applied to this cycle! (: GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
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