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    I am not sure of the exact formula, but I am pretty sure that is a high score on the packrat. There was a thread on here that breaks it down if you search. I believe it said 146 correlated to passing. Did you take the pre-test/post-test questions from Babcock book? There pretty good. I was running into that problem because I probably started the question banks too soon and when it came time to use them I was unsure if true score as I had seen many before. Another good free resource is the blog"teaching to the test". Also, "the palife" is not as refined as the big ones like Kaplan, but a fraction of the price and well worth it. Not sure if that helps. Good luck! Hopefully, one of the more experienced PAs on the site can give a more concrete explanation regarding the packrat scores than I was able to provide.
  2. If at all possible to send me any packrats it would be greatly appreciated it. Thanks! wattsmeg504@gmail.com
  3. Megs631

    Hippo PA

    BUMP Anyone know where to find any promo codes for HippoPA?
  4. I forgot to ask in my last post. Has anyone done an online reveiw course i.e. help Zebra, Kaplan, ect? Any suggestions or courses to avoid? The online reviews are rather pricey so I really want to make sure worth my time and money.
  5. Megs631

    The big 5

    I keep hearing to study the big five, but get slightly different answers when it comes to EENT. I thought that EENT was 10% the same as Ortho and GI. What subjects do you consider most important? Any other tips to help par down my studying and find the best way to study the material. I feel like I am overwhelmed with how much there is to know for PANCE. My exam master scores(use other banks too and about the same) are approx 50%. The scores jumped up a little when I started, but have not increased much at all since last month despite studying. I am getting close to my test date in a month and thinking I should post-pone it a little(bad habit of keep pushing back), but I can't push it off more than at max 2-4weeks. Thank you to all the people that take the time to respond and share their strategies.
  6. Thanks for the response. I am getting close to the date and trying to use less sources then before which messed me up. Did you find the book to be a good review for the test? What other materials did you use that might have been lacking in the book? What did you find was the best way to utilize PANCEMASTER? It should arrive tomorrow so I will be better able to get an idea of it then. Thanks again.
  7. I just purchased "Teaching to the Test" review book with the pancemaster question bank. Does anyone have any feedback on either of these? Thanks!
  8. I would be curious as well on overall experiences people had with Kaplan and Exam master and their PANCE scores? I know some have been posted in the past but not in anyone place. If you don't mind sharing that would be great. Thanks!
  9. I would rather be seen by a PA that needed multiple attempts to pass(regardless she did pass) then a PA that is so cold and insensitive to go out of their way to berate and insult a person who was trying to help others struggling with a positive message. If you have issues with the rules regarding PANCE procedures or just want to bash a subject start a different post and let this woman enjoy her accomplishment.
  10. I am confused on the exam master practice exam scoring. I took the test in study mode, but not the one that shows answers immediately. I could see the right answer only after I submitted my answer choice. At the end of each block I got a score %, but can't figure out how to get the final score % or the score summary report. I thought this was a very important aspect of practice exams. Do I have to go back and redo the whole exam in test mode to get a summary report? It will be very skewed as I already saw the exam having just completed it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Has anyone used the Kaplan Live Online PANCE for studying? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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