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  1. The University of Wyoming offers a great online pathophysiology course, the tests are proctored of course but you can arrange for a proctor in your home area.
  2. Thank you, this was exactly the kind if information I was looking for. I would love to do epidemiological research however I want a job and think PA gives a better opportunity for that, especially where I live.
  3. I think there are they just aren't in my area, and being a non-traditional with a family a cross-country relocation is not really an option for me.
  4. Yes my error on the abbreviation I am thinking DrPH not the Doctorate in Public Policy. Also was thinking about only applying to the couple "online" DrPH programs there are two that are Ceph accredited. My PA school application will be geographically limited as well since I'm not willing to relocate. But I'm not as concerned with being accepted as I am just making the decision as which route to pursue and if anyone has any insight.
  5. Hey guys I have a question, I'm trying to decide between reapplying to PA school or pursuing a doctorate in public health and before everyone starts stoning me to death I did search for a similar topic and I couldn't find anything. A quick background I'm a medical technologist with about 8 years experience I have a pretty extensive hc background Including also working as a medical assistant and CNA. I was accepted to PA school last year but I withdrew from the program due to some family issues. I have a B.S. in Health Science and an M.S. in Medical Lab Science. I'm having difficulty deciding which route to pursue PA or DPH. I enjoy direct patient contact however I think I would enjoy research more, yet I'm concerned about job prospects I live in a very rural state and I think PA has more job opportunities. Any thoughts anyone else in a similar situation ? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello everybody, I just wanted to start a thread to see if anyone was applying this year to the 3 year distance option? I live in WY and we don't have a PA school and with my family situation relocation would be very difficult for me. Look forward to hearing from other applicants :-)
  7. I'm not sure how many apps they received last cycle but I believe there are about 90 seats in the program.
  8. Yup, I'm local - born and raised here, got my undergrad degree at the UW. I look forward to meeting you! :)

  9. Thanks for the offer, I don't think you are over stepping your bounds, and it is truely gracious of you, but my husband is coming with me to help me out. So are you a local then?

  10. Applicant stats--not yet accepted Undergrad Ed School: University of Wyoming-BS in Kinesiology and Health Science Idaho State University -Clinical Laboratory Sciences Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.21 Science Undergrad. GPA: 2.78 (with post bacc: 2.98) Post Bachelor GPA: 3.9 Graduate GPA: 4.0 Age at application time : 29 GRE: N/A Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) Medical Assistant: 2000 hrs CNA: 4000 hrs Phlebotomy: 8000 hrs Healthcare Experience: Medical Technologist: 8000 Extracurricular/Research Activities: Shadow 2 PA's for a total of 150 hours Volunteer Senior Center Schools Applied: Pacific, Utah, Red Rocks, Medex and ASU Application Submitted Date: CASPA submitted July 12, 2010 Interview Invites: will update Denied: will update Withdrew Application: will update Waitlisted: will update Accepted: will update Attempts: second
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