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  1. From my understanding/interpretation, I think uploading a PDF/Word document of the "unofficial" transcript from each institute you attended is what they are looking for (instead of mailing them directly to UNC/CASPA again). The method I used in Safari was to log into Blackboard/Canvas (under unofficial transcript section) and did File -> Export as PDF. I'm actually not sure why they require the transcripts again in the supplemental when they are available and verified in CASPA.
  2. It wasn't a slam dunk A grade but if you consistently devote a few hours per week studying you'll be fine. Also don't wait until last minute to attempt to start the labs or you'll likely get a poor grade. Labs are pretty straightforward and easy. The professor is a bit nit-picky (in terms of deducting a few points here and there for assignments) but as long as you're giving your best effort and are providing enough detail you'll get a good grade. From what I remember exams are all multiple choice (around 50 questions each?) and the material comes directly from the lecture videos, powerpoint and lab notes/videos.
  3. I took Microbiology + Lab (4 credits) at Clovis Community College. Class was pretty straightforward, the professor posted lecture videos and powerpoint on Canvas. There was a semester-long project and a few other smaller labs scattered throughout the semester. The labs consisted of purchasing 2 Petri dishes, nutrient agar, q-tip swabs and a McDonald's happy meal (semester-long lab). Midterm and Final exams were both proctored and there was a mix of regular closed-book (non-proctored) exams also. I believe that there were also 2 lab exams as well. Price was also not bad at all, came out to about $400-450 for the entire class. http://www.clovis.edu
  4. I am planning on taking Bio I and Anat+Phys I during the summer term from Clovis Community College Online. Has anyone other than AMP15 taken any classes from this college?
  5. Do you mind listing or PMing the names of the schools in which you got interview invites / acceptances? Thanks.
  6. Has anyone taken online classes from Chemeketa (http://online.chemeketa.edu/)? I am currently looking at retaking a few classes (lecture portion online) such as Microbiology and chemistry. The winter course schedule seems to run from Jan-March and the price for a 4 credit course seem very reasonable (roughly $400-500 depending on specific course).
  7. Thank you and I appreciate your feedback. I actually have already taken Genetics at another university and was trying to improve my grade so an easy A doesn't sound too bad (which professor did you have by the way)? Could you possibly go into how the class is structured or if you still have an old syllabus if possible? Thanks again.
  8. Has anyone taken online courses from Metropolitan Community College? I am currently doing some research on online courses and the price/credit (~78/credit for non-residents) at MCC. I am specifically interested in taking Chemistry (6 credits with lab) and Genetics (4.5 credits) in which both will run over the winter semester (12/3/15 -> 2/29/16). Anyone have any feedback regarding taking courses from MCC? Thanks.
  9. If I took this Medical Terminology course, will I be able to transfer the credits to another college or is this only for a certificate of completion?
  10. If possible could I be forwarded the information as well? swift3r@yahoo.com Thank you.
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