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  1. wow i just saw this,congrats!i would have seen you there if i didnt drop out of mcphs.You start so soon!!!!! good luck with everything! stay in touch (at least here) :)
  2. Yea I tried it several times,it won't work.I emailed audra about it.and i'll call tomorrow if I can wake up before 4 :( I work nights .but I'm definitely calling tomorrow
  3. I am having issues with login id and password.=_=
  4. Their writing sample isn't bad at all.you'll have more than enough time to choose from one out of two general questions you'll be given.I dont remember exactly what those questions were but I remember writing about my work experience and all the efforts i put in to be accepted in their program.make sure you check their website and are familiar with their mission statement.good luck
  5. Exactly what DDIAZ said! Take your time when answering those questions. Google this dude (the pa coach) or his videos on youtube.and pay attention to his helpful tips.There were questions i was asked,where i went huh??? in my head im thinking how can i answer that question ,im not in that situation yet,how can i think like a PA already.But remember they just want to get to know you! .BE HONEST! BE YOURSELF.talk to the students,ask them any questions you have,they were very helpful.if its your first interview,dont get worked up hearing people talk about how they are so ready and its piece of ca
  6. Me too. Dropping out of the other school.super excited. Congrats everyone
  7. yes i am excited :D im in the morning session. im already thinking about the decision.and how long it'd take us to hear back lol i hope its before december ..good luck everyone :)
  8. Yea I have another interview coming up in two weeks. Congrats for getting into the other school :) this waiting period is upsetting me but I know i'll be okay.thanks :)
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