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  1. Has anyone applied to LECOM for this cycle 2016-2017?
  2. I am in the process of starting my own LLC and getting a contract with medicare for PA owned SNF practice. Unfortunately, it is more difficult finding a SP than I thought it would be. I am in south florida and need the SP to provide the intial visits. I will provide all follow-ups, call and malpractice insurance. Are there any other PA's that have started something similar? If so I would appreciate any advice.
  3. Hi everyone, For those who round in SNF is there a way around the fact that a MD has to complete the initial comprehensive visit for medicare?
  4. Yes its very bad in south Fl. I think we are over populated. I see great jobs that are willing to train new grads throughout the U.S. but it seems like there rarely is a job post from vero beach to miami and when you get an interview the pay and benefits are ridiculous for the amount of work they expect. I have been to 5 interviews and no one has offered to pay full health insurance for just the employee.
  5. I am a PA student graduating in 4 weeks and loved CT surgery. I had 2 rotations in it, unfortunately it is hard to get a job in south florida without EVH experience. I thought the CVT surgeons were great, loved working with them. The hours are demanding but the skill is just like any other, if you find someone willing to train you with practice you become good at it. If you are interested in it go for it. I come across several openings that are willing to train and several people on this site have stated that they have acquired jobs as a new grad in it. The figures are correct, however they work hard for their money. Learn how to take care of the cardiac patients post op and the surgical skill will come.
  6. I am enrolled at NSU but I have been on rotations with Keiser students and they seem to have a good knowledge base. I don't know anything about the PANCE pass rate, etc. but so far the 3 that I have meet seemed professional, intelligent and well educated. Hope that helps.
  7. Its possible, I have a 21 year old in my class now and it is my clinical year.
  8. I am a current PA student in my 2nd year at NSU Ft. Myers and I love it. I don't know if the negative posters are just upset because they did not get into the program. The total deposit is $250 not $1000 to clear that up. I feel just as prepared as Medical students and more prepared than other schools PA students. Good luck to all of you applying! It is a difficult program but hang in there and study hard!
  9. I saw that someone a few years ago posted that surgical recall was a good book to read before a surgical rotation. Is this still the case? are there other surgical books you guys rec?
  10. I am 1 semester away from my clinical phase and have 2 children (5 and 2.5), my friend also has a 5 and a 2.5 year old, we have another class mate with a 5 year old and she gave birth to a very adorable little boy 1.5 months into our didatic year. It is difficult, but with a strong support system, it is POSSIBLE! You just have to be determined and motivated and you will do great. I am sure you will have a fridge accessible and it depends on the breaks between your classes to pump. We have a 10 minute break every hour. Just plan ahead. PA school is not easy, but we have had single mothers or mothers with multiple kids in our classes over the years and even 3 for our incoming class so you will be fine as long as you have a plan!
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