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  1. christopherjmu

    1st PA owned practice

    How did you arrange it legally? NY does not allow PA's to own practices from what I read
  2. christopherjmu

    CAQ's from a PA-S viewpoint

    The article is humorous . I'm a psychiatry PA and also work in a Urgent Care. I just finished my CAQ test for psychiatry. The doctor that said PA's will always be reliant on a physician has never seen where I work apparently. I work without supervision at both jobs. If I need advice regarding a difficult patient, then I consult one, just like they do with one another.
  3. christopherjmu

    freaking out...

    Pa-c!!!! Pa-c!!!!
  4. christopherjmu

    DEBT after PA school

    I'm down $250,000 with undergrad. I just graduated last month. Hello loan pay-back programs
  5. christopherjmu

    freaking out...

    Where's the damn 'Like' button on here? I couldn't figure out why anyone would want a "c" on their PANCE. I kept thinking...'C's get degrees' but that's not true in PA school. A degree isn't enough. You've got to pass this darn test. But at long last I get it. C = Certified as in PA-C. Duh. I hope we get C's in the morning too!!!!
  6. christopherjmu

    freaking out...

    Notice I've switched my title from "PA Student" to Physician Assistant on PA Forum. Just a little positive thinking being applied here...
  7. christopherjmu

    freaking out...

    None. I won't be sleeping tonight. I expect results between 7 - 9 am. I sure hope I'm right.
  8. christopherjmu

    How I prepared and what I would have done differently

    I just graduated in august and I have my PA school notes on quizlet if you're interested. They are seperated by organ system, and the information is up-to-date.
  9. christopherjmu


    It's a good tool too assess how well you know each section, but no bank of test questions will help you on the PANCE. for that, you need your PA school notes.
  10. christopherjmu

    Failed pance, need advise please

    I'm waiting for my scores too.Your PA easy scores are a little low, but your Packrat predicts you would pass.
  11. christopherjmu

    Failed pance, need advise please

    Your PA easy scores were low. Only use test questions to gauge where you are. It's not the right way to learn. Too scattershot. Print out each page of the blueprint, and run them along a wall in your house with cardio first (16%), Resp (13%), etc until you get down to heme (3%). Then have cardio week were you read Current (CMDT) and study your class notes. Put checkmarks next to each item as you learn them. Don't leave any blank. Then use the cardio section in PA easy to see where you are. Next week Resp, etc. After you've gone over everything once. Quickly go over again so everything it gone over twice. Don't forget the checkmarks. Then just concentrate on cardio one day, resp, gi, heent, and ortho until test day. That's 80% of the test. The other 20% is spending 1 hour on pharmacology every day until you can reconstruct tables of the drugs. For instance: learn all the HTN classes, then the drugs under each class, then side effects. Hope that helps. I have all my PA school notes on quizlet if you want them.
  12. Maybe say you went to Africa for Women's health reserach, or breast cancer research. The goal was to treat women, taking samples was just your role in their care.
  13. christopherjmu

    freaking out...

    I tested that day too. We're going to have to wait until Thurs from what I've figured out from my friends. Friday at the latest.
  14. christopherjmu

    freaking out...

    I bet we'll hear Thursday morning
  15. christopherjmu

    freaking out...

    I took it a week ago on the 18th. It's been a LONG wait.

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