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  1. I only applied to Manhattan. They told me I could hear back in Feb.
  2. I'm thinking about living in Geneva tower but a lot of places near the school go for about 650-800 for a two bedroom. With a roommate it would be pretty cheap even if we'd have to pay for utilities
  3. I interviewed, I forgot which date already lol, I wanna say December 10th. I think the interview went well, it was myself and two of the staff and that was it. They asked the basic questions a couple of situational ones and wanted to get to know me. I felt very relaxed I just brought the letter they sent me to the interview. I was dissapointed that I didn't get to meet any of the students and hear from them but my interview was early and I know class starts at 4.
  4. I just got my acceptance package today. I'll be sending in my deposit soon. I also know nothing about the area but I've been checking around craigslist for housing.
  5. I think I had everything in by the end of August, probably a bit before then.
  6. Anyone else get an interview invitation yet? I've got mine for December 10th
  7. thanks Rosenny, I remember running into you at the Stony Brooks interviews. Best of luck
  8. Hi Rosenny, you commuted from NYC right? How did you get to Syracuse?
  9. I'll be in the afternoon session as well. Is anyone taking the long island rail road to get there? I don't really have access to a car so I think I'll go with the LIRR. I'm just nervous about the shuttle bus that is supposed to pick people up from the station. Is it right near the station?
  10. I'll be interviewing October 13th. I can't believe it I'm so thrilled, I'll probably be taking the afternoon session to avoid any chance of lateness
  11. I haven't heard a thing. At least other schools told me if they got my application
  12. I haven't heard back either and I submitted my stuff mid July
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