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  1. I have been researching this program like crazy...I think it will be a wonderful fit for me. In researching though, it seems like it gets such a bad rap. Any reason that anyone can explain? Besides that it is mostly online. PANCE pass rates are fine, and it's ranked 84 according to US News. That's not a fantastic rank, but it's definitely not bottom of the barrel. It's ranked higher than a lot of programs that get a lot of play on this forum. It's been around for 38 years. I feel like the program is misunderstood, but I'd like to know what others think.
  2. University of Wisconsin-Madison also offers one.
  3. I have as MS degree, and am having to go back and take the pre-reqs I don't already have. It's a total drag.
  4. :) I was just kidding...Sometimes it's really nice to live in a poor state! Cost of living is sooo cheap! Of course, I make a lot less as a hospital based acute care SLP here than I did in California, but it all comes out in the wash. I live better making significantly less here than I did making more in Cali! :;;D:
  5. OU Health Sciences Center lists $28k as total in state tuition for the last class, payable in full at the beginning of the program. I understand that there are other expenses here and there, but this is tuition.
  6. I am a speech pathologist and hoping to have the pre-reqs done to apply in 2011 and begin in 2012. I am planning on having my tuition amount saved before I go. Like you, COTA, I am cash-flowing my pre-reqs and saving at the same time. I anticipate tuition for the entire program will be around $30k. I too am a Dave Ramsey follower...and I have to correct Devildoc in that Dave Ramsey is ok with mortgage debt but NOT school debt. I have pared my budget way down in order to meet my savings goal so that I will come out of PA school debt free. It's not easy at all...but will be worth it. If I have to wait to apply a year later due to finances, I'll do that.
  7. I am thinking seriously about this program. I am in my middle thirties and would like to continue working part time during school to help finance my education. I currently already work in healthcare. Any additional information would be great!!!!! Do you know how many David Payne's there are on facebook??? Dozens and dozens!!! Erika
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