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  1. Hi rob.s

    I saw your post regarding H1 visa. I am on the same boat. Would you mind sharing your status..I would really appreciate ur reply.

    Thank you

  2. Hi all, Are there any international student who graduated or planning to go to Mercy in Physician Assistant studies ?? I am an international student and wanted to know if i am the only one or there are few??? Does the school provide any help regarding loans for international student?? Thanks (would really appreciate if you guys could reply..)
  3. @Walkoffshot Thank you so much for the reply.. I am not a Canadian resident, looks like Canadian resident has a lot of opportunities for student loans. Well i am from Nepal, and i have already got my acceptance letter. So, now i need to work on my private loans and stuffs. My school told me that they donot have any loans to give for international student. So, i will be sending out all the documents soon to school and these things out of my way..
  4. Hi all, I will be starting my PA school in couple of months in NY. However, i am extremely overwhelmed with my present situation because i cannot apply FAFSA as i am international student with F-1 visa. So, anyone in similar situation suggest me where do they get their loans ( i mean which bank and how much interest). I have 0% knowledge abt these matter? Any suggestions would be appreciative. I am nervous about my future too regarding VISA? Does the hospitals and clinics sponsor for the H1 visa? Any replies regarding loans and visa would be really appreciative. I am in the situation of life or death matter decisions.....plsssss help.... Pangu1
  5. Hey PainNJ,

    Are u a PA international student studying in PA school. I just got my acceptance to go to PA schl for June. and i was wondering how are you managing ur financial situation. I mean about loans. Where did u get the loans? i am really overwhelmed at this moment and ur reply would be really appreciated.

    Thank you

  6. Hey there,

    Do you mind answering my few questions? i just got accepted to PA program in NY, and i am an international student. So, i wanted to ask if there are chances of getting H1 visa? Did you get H1 visa here in US?


    And how did you manage to pay such a big bucks for schools as we are not eligible for federal loans?

    I would really appreciate if you could reply me..


  7. I just got my acceptance letter (interviewed on 2/10/2012), So see you all in June. My name is Pushpa, pls accept me in Facebook. Now, need to find a roommate and room. Neep help finding apartment... I am coming from Louisiana...
  8. Does anyone khow how many students will be accepted for this year?
  9. How many people has been accepted so far? I am interviewing on Feb 10, lord it seems like long long time from now?
  10. I am kind of getting nervous cause i havent heard anything if they have received my CASPA application or interview calls or anything?
  11. I applied late so I just received an email saying that they have received my CASPA application. How long will it take to hear back about interview from them?
  12. What sorts of questions are asked on interview? Do we have to write an essay?
  13. Is this interview for Master program or Bachelor's program?
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