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  1. Seek out the programs that fly with providers.. Cincinnati is one, I’m sure there’s others.. You don’t want to go the nurse or medic route because you’ll be paid whatever the nurses or medics make at that program, which is about half of what you’d be making as a PA..
  2. Police officers working overtime are getting paid at their overtime rate for working more hours than normal. This is quite different than anyone in healthcare getting paid more per hour for working the same number of hours simply because there's an active pandemic.
  3. As a side note - I think I’m reading between the lines that NO ONE who works with you carries a gun at work, ever. Maybe join the camp of folks who DEFINITELY NEVER (admits to) carrying a gun... plenty of deeply concealable holsters out there... As with vests, the more you spend, the more comfortable they get.
  4. A couple of thoughts from a guy who wears a body armor a decent amount. 1. You already mentioned the need was extremely low. It exists, but not really that much, so keep that in mind. 2. vests that are rated for both stab and bullet are quite expensive. On that note, the more that they you spend on armor, the more comfortable it is. I really appreciated it when my department sprung for armor that was near at the top of the price range last time, and oh man is it comfortable. 3. To your comment about keeping it under your desk - you’re taking an already small window of need and making it smaller, IMHO.. 4. Given 2/3, spend extra to get top of the line so that you have something comfortable to wear. Also buy it from a place that sells them to cops so that you can have it custom measured and cut for you. 5. Get at least two carriers and wash them daily. Spray the panels down with fabreeze regularly. The smell that emanates from between your vest and your body in the summer is.. special.. If you’ve ever wondered why cops are almost always wearing some form of cologne, now you know the secret.. With all that said, your money is probably better spent on self defense classes..
  5. Is there a PA program at the college you attended? If so I’d focus there, it seems that schools try to take care of their athletes (not saying this in a bad way).
  6. I have a 45 minute commute with 8 hour shifts, I end up putting about 25k miles per year on my truck. My suggestion is this - buy a vehicle you really enjoy and if music is important to you, make sure you get a nice sound system. A lot of folks will get a "beater" when they drive long commutes to save money and not beat up a nice vehicle. I bought a fairly new full sized truck. I enjoy driving it, I like sitting up high, and it makes my commute tolerable.. I spend 9 hours per week on the road, I want to enjoy that time.
  7. In a thread created to say "listen to your patient, don't automatically dismiss what they're telling you", you started your post by essentially saying "I really didn't listen to your story but.." and then proceeded to give a rather condescending opinion on what he should or should not have done. Fascinating.
  8. On a related note, I'm currently tasked with QA review of all non transports since 1/1/2020 to look for things like clear documentation of chief complaint, assessment, vitals, capacity to refuse, and patient's plan.. Can you guess how its going?
  9. I agree and I've been around long enough to know that this does happen, but I think most times the truth is somewhere in the middle..
  10. I generally stopped turfing these patients years ago due to the complaints, but when it happens for me it’s certainly not me talking them out of going and is usually something like - Patient presents aox3 and in no obvious distress Me: Hello, what’s going on today? Pt: Eh, doc really wants me to go to the ER because my (insert lab value) is low/high Me: How do you feel? Pt: fine! Me: Well the doc knows more than us, and he says you need to go to the hospital, let’s take you out Pt: No I really don’t want to go Me: (establishes medical competence) ok, well it’s your right to refuse, we can’t force you.. please just stay on top of this.. YMMV - the flip side of your perspective is we see a lot of completely stable patients being transferred. I did most of them, but if a stable patient wants to refuse I’m not getting out the ketamine..
  11. Now that the base level iPad supports the pencil, I’d go that route. imho the smallest is big enough, most of your stuff will be stored on the cloud and pdf/ppt note taking through notability takes far less space than I thought it would..
  12. I'm withholding most of my opinion these days because I get viciously attacked for them. I will say that I feel the numbers of confirmed covid cases are a small fraction of the actual number of people on the planet who have been exposed/infected, in which case I feel the mortality rate compared to infected persons is dramatically lower than it's being portrayed.
  13. I honestly had to stop visiting SDN. I have gleaned a lot of good information off that site for many years which helped guide my schooling, but as of about 6 months ago, it seems like every thread devolves into extreme paranoia over PAs and NPs, and the few docs who are like “this is not really how it is in the real world, chill” are SWIFTLY berated by everyone else..
  14. The nice thing is it’s expandable for different people.. If someone sucks more, they’re a douche yacht.. even more and they’re a douche rocket.. Maybe they only suck a little, they’re a douche raft..
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