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  1. You can do that with the blended/hybrid courses that pretty much every program has now.. I’m in the evening blended track.. we have a 2 hour lab (sometimes over zoom) and clinical each week. Everything else is self study..
  2. But why go through extra steps/stress when hybrid programs at actual legit colleges are now so common?
  3. Excelsior moves further and further down the list these days.. There are states that refuse to acknowledge them and I believe the bulk of the credits are non transferable. When hybrid coursework wasn't so popular, excelsior was the cutting edge and an amazing opportunity. Now, you’re much better off attending a hybrid/blended ADN program at your local community college.
  4. You obviously have a bachelors. Your local college likely has a direct entry NP program. These are generally 2.5-3 years, the first year being an accelerated BSN followed by 1.5-2 years of NP. Make sure you understand the day-to-day schedule of the program. When I looked into my local university that offered it, they said the year long accelerated BSN was M-F 8hrs per day and that it was impossible to work full time. For me, the only way to make it work was to get my associates in nursing in a blended track program through my local community college (evenings, weekends, and lots
  5. If I had cash, I’d buy a nursing home.. then another.. then another.. then buy an island somewhere tropical. Those things might as well print money..
  6. Plot twist, covid was invented by door dash and Amazon..... (I kid!)
  7. Evening/weekend “accelerated BSN” programs are definitely out there, check your local colleges.
  8. From an outsider perspective - why is any of this surprising to you? I suppose it's possible that your posting history here is simply an online persona to vent your frustrations, but I think it's more likely that you disparage your profession in many aspects of your life. I'm guessing your son has heard you complain about the state of PAs for long enough and has no desire to go down that road.
  9. It’s just your PA license and the standard 1 day alphabet cards that everyone else on the helicopter has to have..
  10. Yeah right, most flight medics make 50-70k tops.. Supply and demand, they know there is a line around the block of medics who want to fly
  11. Anecdotally - I had moderna and felt like I fell out of a tree.. My wife had pfizer and had a mild headache, we both caught covid after getting our first shot and neither of us have significant comorbidities..
  12. Yeah setting up your own preceptors is a terrible thing. That said, I do think it’s pertinent to mention that because NP requires an RN (even the direct entry programs start out with RN before starting NP stuff), there’s also several hundred hours of clinical there. I certainly respect that those aren’t at the provider level, but you can’t deny that those hours aren’t helpful in developing patient rapport and assessment skills. Big picture, while I certainly agree that even 1000 hours isn’t really enough, I’ve always taken slight issue with people stating NP programs exist tha
  13. Granted I’ve not looked at all of them, but I don’t know a single NP program that doesn’t have a clinical component..
  14. Stir crazy.. even though my wife is home with me (she popped 2 days after me) we’re still both struggling with the isolation.. I still have this sporadic smokers cough, which really isn’t that bad other than it sounds.. well like I’m a smoker, lol. Yesterday I was pretty exhausted for no reason, spent most of the day just vegging.. I asked some of my friends who have had it and they had similar experiences, where they feel fine then have an off day.. Thanks for checking!
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