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  1. Again, I don't think anyone is advocating for destroying someone's life, but the fact of the matter is that run of the mill OVI's are not elevated to the felony level without extenuating circumstances. By the OPs admission, there was a crash involved and the other party ended up injured. This wasn't just a PC stop that turned up an OVI, there was an actual crash and an actual injury. By the own OPs admission, this was also a culmination of a substance abuse problem, and he also stated he spent 2 months in jail. First time "run of the mill" OVI offenders get 3 days max, usually 0, not 2 months.. This was a significant event, not to be dismissed as "just a first time OVI"... PAs, NPs, Physicians, CRNAs, etc... are positions with an immense amount of responsibility and public trust. The OP had a very significant lapse of judgement that injured another person by his own reckless behavior. I'm OK with the idea that he has to jump through extra hoops in order to continue practicing..
  2. In my state the only way for a first time OVI to be a felony is if there is serious bodily harm involved.
  3. While I'm not advocating for someone's life to be destroyed, it is pertinent to mention that it is significant for an OVI to be elevated to a felony from a misdemeanor.
  4. I’m sorry I’ve been thinking on it and I do believe they were 20mg, not sure that makes it a whole lot better... edited my original post for accuracy..
  5. In 2012 I tore my rotator cuff and labrum lifting a patient. No big deal, great surgeon fixed me right up. On discharge, I was given a bottle of 90 Oxycontin 20mg tabs, take 1-3 q6h PRN, with no instructions beyond that.. I swore I wouldn't touch them, then the block wore off and I slammed 3 because that day SUCKED. Over the course of the next 2 months or so, I consumed every single one of those oxycontin, initially because I was in excruciating pain, then it was just because I was sore.. In every instance, the opium took every bit of my pain away and made me feel absolutely marvelous. It took me a very long time to not crave those pills when that bottle ran out. I remember that time in my life vividly, and I use it to ground me when I'm dealing with folks who have become addicted. Because by the grace of God, I only had 1 ounce more self-control than they did. That single ounce of self control is what kept me from finishing off that legal bottle, buying an illegal bottle, and eventually devolving into heroin as so many have done before me.
  6. Read my post below in the tablet vs laptop thread. I use my iPad and MacBook together extensively.
  7. The combination of an iPad plus a MacBook cannot be overstated. They just work so flawlessly together for a school package. For me, I use my iPad for in class studying/note-taking and my macbook for more intensive things like writing papers. I also keep all my study guides on the cloud so that I can just whip out my iPad for some study guide cram sessions wherever I’m at. One awesome feature I learned about is selecting a drawing, equation, homework answer that I created with the Apple Pencil and pasting it directly into a word document on my MacBook (cut and paste just as if you were using multiple screens on the same computer). I used this extensively in physics where I would write out my entire answer with formulas on my iPad, then cut and paste them into my homework assignment on my MacBook which I would print off and turn in. With Christmas coming up, there’s several sales going on, and it’s pertinent to mention that the newest entry level iPad now supports the Apple Pencil, so you don’t need to spend extra on the iPad pro anymore.
  8. I didn't realize he was PAMAC.. He posts on SDN as an NP and is generally productive there..
  9. I mean I get it, he was a bit aggressive towards the end and seemed to only have an agenda of “we’re independent and you’re not”, but his earlier posts were productive..
  10. Looks like all of his content was deleted.. seems a bit extreme to me, but I’m nobody..
  11. I'm more curious about carrying 1.2gm of weed in a 5 pound container, and then the prosecutor still pursuing the felony when it's obvious that the weed wasn't 5 pounds.. And then the conviction for the felony weight.. Did you represent yourself? Was your attorney drunk? Was the container also made out of weed? or is there more to the story.. To be honest, I'd be shocked if your EMT certification went through with the felony drug conviction, but I can't speak for PA school admissions/licensing.
  12. To be clear I was referring to the teeth gnashing of the doctors
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