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  1. Hi all, It's a tough job market for new grad PAs. I would appreciate any leads. Thank you.
  2. Hey guys, thanks a bunch! I met with her today. She said 3% on anything over 30k for that month. So if I collect 33k, I get 3% on that 3k. Not sure if I'm making sense. I thought that's quite low. She claimed that 3% was what she got from previous group before she went solo. At any rate I have another interview tomorrow and will keep y'all updated!
  3. Hey guys, Im a new grad and took an ER job a few months ago and realized that it wasn't for me. I found an FP job and the doc is offering a base of 85k plus a percentage of what I'm able to collect. The problem is that I'm not sure what percentage to ask for. The doc is a solo provider and I will be meeting with her tomorrow to discuss compensation in details. Please advise. Thanks.
  4. Thanks gelato. That is very true E. One of the perks of ER/ urgent care work is the ability to pick up extra shifts.
  5. As a new grad in the ER I would not do a contract. Plus having to pay back sound like a big red flag!!!!
  6. Gelato- it's employment at will; I just have to give a 90 day notice. No I don't have to pay back any money. I have to do a min 120 a month but can pick up as many shifts as I like. However as a new grad I am fine with 120 hrs/ mo.
  7. I agree Jeff. I got offered a urgent care gig. $50 an hr, $12 wkend diff, $15 holiday diff, cme, health insurance and malpractice. If you get any less blame yourself. Btw I'm a new grad.
  8. Perhaps she is a medical assistant disquising herself as a physician assistant...
  9. I think some RN make $35 an hour. As ventana stated, any PA taking a low ball offer will hurt the profession as a whole. Don't be selfish and accept such BS offer. It's a business so don't take the first number they throw at you. Negotiate! If you're willing to relocate, you will certainly get a better offer.
  10. ERres is $3.99? Does that sound right?
  11. They are giving $2000 for business expense. This is to be used towards CME, lab coat, etc. I'm almost sure that the DEA is to be included w/in this reimbursement.
  12. Hey EMEDPA, Yes sir, they are paying for malpractice and tail coverage as well.
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