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  1. The local dentist who was working with our team went through several patients ahead of me and shot them up with lidocaine and taught me how to test for complete blockage prior to extracting. It was a fairly efficient system, aside from the humid, low light working environment where patients waited with their heads tilted back, sitting in old school desks. Imagine the discomfort these people have gone through for years waiting to receive help. When our team arrived at Pantasma, a northern Nicaraguan villiage, there were over 300 people waiting in line to receive medical, dental, or vision. Some had walked for days to get to us. They stayed in line, night and day so that they would not lose their spot. At the end of it all, there were some we were unable to see.
  2. I spent 3 months living in Northern Nicaragua working with Mision Para Cristo and Olive Branch Ministries, primarily focusing on medical ministry. I will be starting PA school this summer (June 2010) at Texas Tech.

  3. hey just saw your message. i agree. are you a PA-C and have you been on a medical mission yet? I am very interested.

  4. Joelseff, After finishing my undergraduate work, I spent several months working with a christian medical mission team in Northern Nicaragua where I also was asking to suture a patient, and perform extractions, IM injections, start IV's, etc. I think one really has to spend time in that element (third world country) working with the people to understand the difference from western medicine
  5. Just talked to Erin in the Registrars office and she said rejection letters have not been mailed out yet and that the last round round of interviews will be at the end of January. So perhaps they will be sending out letters for interview requests sometime soon?
  6. I still have not recieved interview request letter or rejection letter? To the best of my knowledge, Jan 16th is the last round of interviews and requests have certainly already gone out. Can anybody verify this? Thanks, David
  7. redonems80, While it may be true that some mission programs will not accept this, that or the other, I share your assertion that M.D's and D.O's are equivalent in nature. Further, having spent several months in northen Nicaragua, I observed that DO's seemed to be much much in their element as compared to the MD's. I presume this was because they were more versed in bilateral comparsions, relying on palpation and a simple stethoscope to diagnose and treat. The majority of the time, access to fancy medical equipment and testing is not available. Emed, You bring up a good point in saying that some programs such as Doctors without borders will not accept PA's. However, there are many organizations that would love to have a PA come on board and I dont think I will have trouble finding medical need. It will be about finding the right contacts and praying over where you should be. In the end, a new medical team can always be organized.
  8. I did not switch from MD to PA after matriculating into a MD program but I did decide to go the PA route instead of MD. For a 9 yr span (entering HS and completing undergraduate work) I thought that I wanted to practice medicine as a M.D. I think that a lot of this was because I was misinformed regarding the PA profession and how similar the scope of practice is with added benefits in my opinion. In short, I have a desire to long term medical missions and the PA route seemed much more appropriate for me. I spent some time processing the fact that PA is truly what I am looking forward to matriculating this fall, should I get accepted to a program. What were some of the reasons you decided to switch paths?
  9. Hey guys, Thanks for all of the great perspectives. I will be interviewing on Jan 22nd for the 2010 entering class. I really like the idea of the MMI format as it should help the admissions committee select students who are well rounded as opposed to those who are brainiacs (I certainly fall in the latter category) For those who have been through the MMI format, what types of questions are asked? Is it ethical scenarios or what? Thanks, David
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