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  1. Thanks. That's such a relief because I CANNOT afford to attend an SDA school!
  2. Can a student from a PA school that doesn't offer clinical rotations abroad join another class from a PA school that does offer it on their clinical rotation abroad? I'm sure there has to be an agreement between both PA schools, but I was wondering if the PA schools that actually do offer these rotations abroad as an elective option generally allow visiting PA students from other schools to come with them for the credits and experience.
  3. Thanks. :) I wish every PA school displayed those statistics on their site, but they don't always do that. Or maybe I just looked in the wrong places.
  4. Would you say that the majority of the students who got in had graduated from a "sister school" (aka another Seventh-Day Adventist college)? My aunt was really trying to persuade me to go to La Sierra University because she strongly believed that it would automatically get my foot in the door of LLU's PA program, but I wasn't that impressed by La Sierra's overall reputation or campus so I rejected that idea almost immediately (plus I've attended an SDA high school and elementary practically my entire life so I wasn't too keen on seeing all of my old classmates again). I'd already read on another thread that in one LLU PA student's class only 25% of his or her classmates were actually SDA, but I'm sure there are some non-SDA students who've attended an SDA college before, and if they had then I don't know if their alma mater's affiliation with LLU gave them an edge over their competition... Could anyone confirm or deny this rumor?
  5. Why doesn't this school have a ranking? It seems that there's tough competition to get in, hence it must have a considerable amount of public attention, so why does this school have no ranking in U.S. News and World Report's 2007 list of PA grad programs? Even the newer schools that only have provisional accreditation are mentioned on that list (only without a ranking) but this program, which is one of the older ones, is totally absent. The rankings probably don't mean much to any of you who've already been accepted, but I just found it odd. Also, could anyone please tell me a little about this school--for example, how the professors are and what the facilities are like? Does this school have any affiliations with John Hopkins? Have you known of any PA grads to do their residencies there?
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