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  1. Those who have taken the PANCE, and used the PA Davis CD question bank, how do you compare the two? I have just started studying for the PANCE and have been working pretty consistently on cardio for the past week. I was hoping to move on as I felt confident enough to do so, although on a quiz I just took, I only scored a 28/50. How does this question bank compare to Exam Master, Kaplan and/or Rosh Review? Anyone? Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, I scored a 124 on my packrat before clinicals about 6 months ago (nat'l avg: 130). I'm practicing the older ones now and getting 140-150. I plan to take boards in January 2016. I see many people here posting here said they got around 160s before clinicals. Can someone who was/is in my shoes perhaps give me some reassurance and study tips? If you scored in the 120s before clinicals, were you able to pass PANCE on the first try?? I plan to use the following as my study materials for questions in order of importance: -Emory DVD which has Exam master questions -Kaplan q
  3. I have the PACKRAT's up to #15- do you think they are outdated to practice from? The newer ones I took in school are quite different in my opinion. I just wonder if they are still good indicators of PANCE performance. Also, does anyone know the exact and specific time I should allot myself when taking PACKRAT for timing practice. I can't remember if 2.5 hours is the standard time frame. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, How long should an applicant take to answer a typical interview question (such as: why do you want to be a PA, what have you dont to prepare yourself for PA school)? I think I have good answers, but I timed myself, and my answers are generally 2-3 mins long. I have a unique background with many diverse experiences which I would like to tie in, however I am reading that answers should be brief ... 4-6 lines at most. What are everyone else's thoughts on this? Thanks
  5. my caps was received in mid sept, and i just submitted my supple today. am i in a bad spot... also, im a NYS resident. i wonder how they consider out of staters. good luck to all!
  6. Borough manhattan community college offers everything except biochemistry which most schools dont even require. plus each credit is only like 135 (NYS residents)
  7. do you think having a letter from a PA and MD is pointless? i mean, they both would sort of rave about the same things, yet it shows u've made lasting impressions with health care prof's... i can't decide?
  8. does the supplemental require retrieving documents from HCE supervisors, or people u shadowed, or other references in general?
  9. i had a really pleasant conversation with rackover recently and he basically stated that the later you submit the slimmer your chances are at getting in. he had a brief look at the placement of my application which was received around 9/10... he said that their are approx 200-300 applications before mine, plus the interview slots are filling up quickly bc they usually get 1500+ applicants....just hope for the best, but definitely have back up! this school.
  10. how long is this program, i cant find it anywhere on the website, thanks.
  11. why so short? you're able to use 5000 characters... use this opportunity to sell yourself!! and yeah, i agree wiht pamac, talk about ur other experiences... make urself seem more well rounded in the field.
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