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  1. Thanks guys. I did get accepted to a school that I would really enjoy attending, but its not my top choice. They have asked for a deposit in the next week and a half. I'm debating on telling the other school that I'm the wait list on that I have been accepted to this other program along with an update on my HCE and other activities.
  2. I've been wait listed at the school that I would absolutely love to go to. Has anyone had any experiences with letters of intent. I tried calling the program and asking about how the committee felt about LOIs and they said they don't really have much of an opinion on them as they don't see too many. Any thoughts?
  3. My third reference finally submitted my third letter. I know that my letter will be available to programs now, but I'm not sure how they will know its been updated. Does anyone know if they get a specific notification that they now have access to it or do I have to personally let programs know. Thanks!
  4. I asked a PA that I've known for 5 years for a letter of recommendation back in March. We've been in contact about twice a month since then. I sent him all the information he asked for including putting his information into CASPA. I'd like to send in my app ASAP, but I'm waiting on his letter. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to a polite prodding to get things rolling. I'm not sure how to attack this as he was my coworker and paramedic instructor; I feel like I'm straddling the line of professional and friendly.
  5. I was wondering how important HCE descriptions are for positions such as paramedic or EMT. Beyond saying that it was for a 9-1-1 service or transport, is it important to put in things like performed intubations, 12-lead EKG analysis, etc? Thank you very much!
  6. I prefer atomized narcan. A simple plastic atomizer, half the dose up each nostril works. No needles and its super quick.
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