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    new grad deployment

    My fault for not specifying... You are right Contrarian I am already in the Army. I've heard of a website that post deployment spots for PA's looking to volunteer. Believe it is on AKO but I haven't been able to locate anything
  2. In the Army National Guard I will be graduating this Dec and would like to know how to find deployment opportunities
  3. Is it possible to take the PANCE prior to finishing a PA program? Heard it from someone but would like to confirm
  4. Cloq

    HPSP (Navy or AF)

    The scholarship (thru the Navy at least) covers 2 years of school. Upon completion of school you owe 3 yeas of service, not 6. I'm sure there are a number of single parents on Active duty. Get with a recruiter for more information
  5. Cloq

    HPSP (Navy or AF)

    http://www.airforce.com/pdf/219_physician_assistant.pdf This website and the health care professions recruiter in my area told me that they offer it. Interested? Good luck if you do apply
  6. Cloq

    HPSP (Navy or AF)

    Has anyone on here applied for or received the health professions scholarship from either the Navy or the Air Force? If so, I'd love to hear about it. Stats, branch, school, pay, anything relevant
  7. Does anyone have any advice on mens dress for an interview? I understand that they want a professional appearance but that doesn't necessarily mean a full suit. Would slacks, button up, and coat (NO tie) work? For those of you who have already interviewed, what have you seen? What did you wear?
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