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  1. There is no catch and you are not missing anything.. Urgent care, not ER but did 50 hrs/wk year 1-2 out of school 1.5 rate over 40 hrs for 140k;160k respectively each year. If they are 12's you are still only working 4 days/wk. Not bad leaving 3 days to recoup each week.
  2. You must not carry a stethoscope with you. Lung sounds would not be normal. @jdaybfl
  3. AZ 2 yrs out. urgent care avg 50 hrs/wk. $140s 2015 $160s 2016 ERcat curious on the administrative hours you typically put in above your 40/hrs of clinic/wk.
  4. Coming from 2 years of urgent care...not a good offer. 4 pts an hour sucks no matter what it is for 10-12 hours straight as a solo provider. O and then add in that lac that will take you 30-60 mins... salary should be closer to 130-150 if they are going to be paying you salary seeing 4 pts an hour. You would probably collect close to 400-500k/yr for the practice. I would counter with 85% of what the doc you are replacing was paid (standard medicare reimbursement) which they will likely not do considering your low ball offer.
  5. So as a not for profit, she could potentially benefit from PSLF as well, correct?
  6. Anewconvert- I agree with you and you make a valid point, that is a tremendous contribution by the employer. I am not an expert on 403b's. I am concerned with this statement and how it may affect her hourly rate. To me it makes it sound like if she wanted to contribute more, they would reduce her hourly rate and if she wanted to contribute less, they would raise her hourly rate. This may be all related to the % deferred. If she can stay as you discussed above, 13% at 55/hr I would agree with you that this is a more retirement friendly option. Please inform me if I am wrong about the below information on 403b. How a 403(b) WorksEmployees enroll and participate through their employer. Contributions to a 403(b) are made on a pre-tax basis through a Salary Reduction Agreement. This is an arrangement where the participating employee agrees to take a reduction in salary. The amount by which the salary is reduced is directed to investments offered through the employer and selected by the employee. These contributions are called elective deferrals and are excluded from the employee's taxable income. Contributions grow tax-deferred until the time of retirement, when withdrawals are taxed as ordinary income. See Accessing 403(b) Savings and Making Other Changes to Your 403(b) for information on withdrawing 403(b) money.
  7. Ok so if can pick up extra shifts at both, say my goal is 150/yr. that would take 46 extra 12 hr shifts at option 2, from a base of 117k vs 56 extra 13 hr shifts from option one (base 108 with your sign on bonus) which relates to an extra 130 hrs of work per year, or a little over 3 weeks of extra work to make the same amount. (Sorry i'm a huge number guy) Try reading the wealthy physician if you really want to talk numbers with me. put numbers and money aside, if you are female and looking to have children, maybe work part time, option two with a building PTO bank and 3 12s is much easier to swallow than 13 hr shifts and 80hrs sick time/yr
  8. Coming from two years of urgent care myself. Both are great offers for a new grad, you seem to have covered all the important areas and everything is there. My question is how many extra shifts will be available to pick up and would you work an extra 1-2 shifts a week if you could? My calculated base pay for option one is 103k, for option 2 117k including 5k bonus each December. Benies are likely much better with option one if you have a family that could be a deal maker. Most UC's have terrible insurance plans. My counterpart has family of four children and had to get his own policy instead of the one provided and still pays 800-1000/mo. option two allows you to add 40 hrs of pto each year, awesome. We are stuck with whatever we choose at sign on between 40-120/yr. Though 4k cme is amazing, I really don't think you need that. I have 1500 each year and it is sufficient, including licensing fees, dea, etc. If I were you, my biggest question would come down to which place you can pick up extra shifts if you want. I average 50 hrs a week in UC and have made >150k each year since graduation. Granted we get 11/2x anything over 40hrs, production bonus, and on call pay. Either way you can't go wrong! solid offers.
  9. You are more likely to have better luck making a higher income first few years on an hourly type position vs salary (as I would expect Ct surgery and most ortho positions are). Why not go into something hourly (urgent care or ER). Make $150/yr working 50 PAID hours a week and then specialize. Most ortho and surgery jobs I know of you are not getting paid past 40 hrs of work despite working A LOT more than 40 hrs.
  10. Same. Max on a 12 hr day was 47 recently. Max on a Sunday, 8hr shift, 35. Those are typically no lunch, 1hr left of charting/xray reviews/labs at the end of the day. As much as I hate the respiratory crud people come in with and enjoy sewing, a day full of respiratory complaints typically runs quick times.
  11. Southwest, metro area. 1.5 hourly over 40hrs/wk and monthly bonus based on # of pts seen
  12. I have been out of school for a year now. Urgent care only, average 50 hrs per week, made $150k this year. It can be done and still have a life..Best recommendation= get paid hourly
  13. Mid 20s, living the DINK life (double income no kids). One year out of school for both of us (wife is ultrasound tech). Bought a house and two new cars, putting 3k towards student loans/mo and plan to have them paid off in five years. We rarely feel like money is tight.
  14. Been on here for several years as pre-pa and now graduating this month. Wanted to say thanks for all the great information I have learned from all of you on the boards and to show the positivity of the profession amongst all the negativity surrounding rising tuition, oversaturation, etc. I attended PA school 2000 miles from my home state and had three job offers three months before graduation back home. I will be working in UC making >100k to start. 75% of my class has a job lined up with one month to go before PANCE eligibility. PA school is still very worthwhile in my books. Be willing to move, know that two years will fly by, and network as much as you can. Good luck to all and keep pursuing your dreams!
  15. Agreed with above posters. Former kinesiology major at ASU now graduating PA school in one month. Get involved in PA club there. Good networking and volunteer ops. I recently set up a rotation with one of the PA's that came and talked at one of the meetings for example. At still seems to like what asu has to offer and for a few yrs in a row every kin major that applied there seemed to get in. Best of luck.
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