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  1. So I did a little work on this pet project today. just_me provided me with a spreadsheet that I will eventually compile all of the school information into, and make available for download from the forums. For now, I'm going to keep posting my progress, so that others can contribute without fear of re-write anything myself and others have already posted. Thanks for the help everyone's provided thusfar, now onto the new schools! Pacific Northwest Division University of Idaho Pocatello, ID 24 Month Program Awards Master of Physician Assistant Studies Degree B.S. or B.A. for Applica
  2. The decision to place this thread here was mostly for those that aren't sure what school they want to go to. With schools grouped geographically, someone can easily see what schools are in their area, which prerequisites they match with, etc, without going back and forth between all of the different school pages. Plus if anyone asks "What are the experience requirements/prerequisites/etc" for a school in any forum, they can just get bounced to this one thread.
  3. With this thread, I am attempting to create a one-stop-shop for everyone's prerequisite questions, by compiling a complete list of every PA program's prereqs and experience requirements, as well as the location of each program. It would be nice if someone stickied this, and everyone can feel free to contribute. I apologize for the sporadic capitalization, I hand-typed all of this, as copying and pasting was far too messy and inconsistent. My first post is the nine schools in New England, since it's kind of the area I know the most about. I'm going to try and group schools by geographic area, e
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