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  1. One of the best EM lectures (and most useful) I ever heard was Rob Rogers' (then at U of Md) "Asymptomatic HTN in the ED: Don't Just Do Something, Stand There."
  2. NP and a PA. Wha-? Pick one dammit! Like saying, "I'm a Republican, AND a Democrat."
  3. At my shop all PAs/NP report to the Chief/Manager (moi) and I report to the Sr Practice Director who reports to the Dept Chair.
  4. We agree. It's just such an inconsistency that of late, when I hear of situations such as you described, for some reason vexes me no end. Health systems or CMGs that do this paint themselves into such a nakedly illogical position. If docs always make more because they are docs, but you do the same thing just as well, why not either pay you the same (since they're getting the same efficiency and quality), OR fire the docs and get more PAs like you - to get the same quality and efficiency . . .for less money. It also takes the old tarp off of the big ugly question sitting over in the dark
  5. All good points and I do the same as Boatswain2PA and KMD16. But once in a while, it's all part of the show and the ticket price and we get them to reassure freaked out and uneasy (usually first-time) parents. Not a big deal (except for the time it may take). The radiation in a pediatric CXR is less than a tenth of a milliSievert. We're each getting that much about every week from background radiation just because we live on Earth
  6. Still E - this raises a very uncomfortable point for your employer there - and any other places that do this. If you are doing the SAME job, under the SAME conditions (single/solo aka "by YOURSELF") , and the SAME times, and held to the SAME standard of care . . .why in the world shouldn't they pay you the SAME as that doc (whether FP or EM)?
  7. Yeah - this sucks. Seriously evil and dickish marketing and move by the school, but hey - don't the students themselves bear some responsibility for doing the minimum amount of research (e.g. where former grads are working, are they accredited by the PAEA?, etc.) Caveat emptor - and they got emptored.
  8. QT, you're the biggest pussy on the EKG! Dammit if I look sideways at you you prolong!! Grow a pair and stand up for yourself!!
  9. Good pickup B2PA. AD is very rare (about 2000/yr in a country of 319 million works out to just over five a day in the US), but serious and with significant morbidity & mortality if not caught. Not sure I would have scanned him this guy with a great (classic?) story for musculoskeletal back pain but something in his description of pain or discomfort (or risk factors if he had any) obviously set off your 'Spidey-sense' Caution with availability bias ("Note to self.....do more tests.") - of course this is always easier said than done. Had a 30-ish female several years ago with a
  10. They're both good - and often have the same lecturers (I can almost recite Corey Slovis' HyperK lecture verbatim!). But for my money Essentials is the winner. I just went last month (my fifth). Great discussions, very distilled current EM thinking and knowledge. Dave Newman's opening presentation was fantastic. They just moved it from the Paris to across the street at the Cosmopolitan. Rooms are much nicer but the Chelsea Theater where they hold the conference is amazing (cash bar open up top at 4:00!). And it's the EM:RAP guys and gals from USC:LAC, so it's like old friends. I plan on h
  11. Hear, hear! http://www.smartem.org/podcasts/treatment-acute-pharyngitis Should blow your mind and change your practice like it did me 5 years ago. :-)
  12. All of our new grads/new hires get 8 weeks of orientation (double covering a shift with an EP or PA). The senior PA at each of our main EDs keeps a close eye on them and re-evaulates at 4 weeks and at 8 for feedback and in case they still need a little more time. They also get the following books (and a STRONG recommendation that they need to consider these 'homework' for the first 6 months of their new job): EMRA's The Basics of Emergency Medicine, A Chief Complaint Guide, The Basics of Emergency Medicine: Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine’s Top Clinical Problems & Emergency Medicine’s
  13. Ahhhhhh. . . . . . Hmmmmm . . . . . . Thanks E. Brings things into sharper focus. Looks like I'm not the only one who had the WTF?! reaction
  14. Didn't see this on any previous posts/threads so I wanted to throw it out A colleague just said to me, "Hey have you seen or heard of this new EM PA organization?" I confessed I had not. http://www.acempa.org/ Interested to see what the thoughts on the forum are. . . . . . . . .should be good. And don't forget to take their survey.
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