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  1. Based on everyone's experience applying for ortho jobs.... What % of ortho PA jobs does NOT require assisting in OR? Also how common are ortho urgent care jobs? if surgery assist is usually required how many days a week is it? Thanks for any insight!
  2. Thank you for everyone’s reply. So, in general are the athletic trainer not doing much of the examine and diagnoses? And more of the medical assistant job duties+ event coverage + casting?
  3. I've read that there are more athletic trainers recently working in orthopedic groups. Are there any PAs in orthopedic groups with firsthand experience on how they function in an ortho practice? How are athletic trainers used in an orthopedic hospital or clinic setting versus PA or DPT? Thanks
  4. I was wondering if anyone in ortho can give me an idea of what a routine day is like in clinic? Pre and post op visit? Asses and Dx various MSK conditions? Joint Injections? Splinting and cutting off cast? Is it possible for ortho PAs to help with clinic and rounding on hospital patients and not be involved in surgery? Thanks!
  5. Awesome! Thank you for your reply, I will let her know. What percentage of your work is clinic/OR assist? Are most positions out there a mix, mostly clinic, mostly OR?
  6. I was wondering if anyone working in Ortho knows how physically demanding ortho PA work is both in the OR and clinic. My sister is in PA school (5'2, ~110 lbs) loves the specialty but not sure if she can physcially handle it. She hasn't gotten much information regarding ortho from her school. Anyone have any personal experience? Are there certain sub-specialty within ortho that are more physically demanding and requires more strength then others? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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