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  1. Some of you guys are over-analyzing my question, which by the way, only one person was able to answer. You don't know how many classes and which classes I have taken or what my major is. The 3.0 science GPA is only for the few prerequisites that are needed for PA schools. The list that I have provided does not reflect my grades or my averages. Trust me, my overall GPA is much higher than that. I have two more years of college left and for those two years I will be taking only science classes. Again, I am not here to rant about my professors or how hard the classes are. No **** it's not goin
  2. I do not pay for college. I have a grant that the university has given be for good grades (high GPA) in high school. I have other scholarships and grants, but the downfall is that in order to keep them, I have to take at least 15 credit hours. That is about 4 classes each semester. Transferring now is not possible as my dad lost his job and I help my family with what I earn. Private schools are way too expensive and CC near me don't have classes that I need (I have only about 50 credits left to get bachelor's). My HCE include working as CNA at a nursing home for disabled. I have a job
  3. I am slowly trying to accept the fact that PA school may be out of reach for me. I'm a traditional college student (sophomore) and I already have plenty of HCE hours and quite few prerequisites done for PA schools. But my GPA is going down with each semester. I work hard, study, get help when I need and I still can't break those B's in science classes. My major and science GPA is 3.0. It's painful to even write this. When I read about people who have 3.8 or 4.0 GPA (especially in science), I wonder how they achieved those grades. I know hard work is number one reason, but I work hard too. Now
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