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  1. Yikes. Well, consider me put in my place. I will not say any more on this forum that could potentially dispute a PA-C. I WILL say that I'd be highly disappointed if one of my preceptors gave me a "crappy rotation" simply if one of my opinions differed from theirs. As a student, I have a right to learn and share what I've learned, and I think I'm allowed to say that.
  2. First year "wee little PA student" here, and my class has already learned all about the link between autism and vaccines (or lack thereof). Aside from that, we were given the tools to dissect and critically evaluate the evidence based medicine so that we can answer these kinds of questions for our patients ourselves. I call troll.
  3. 1st year here...go somewhere where you'll feel comfortable in your surroundings, somewhere you can picture yourself for the duration of your program. This stuff is intense but you can manipulate the stress level a bit by choosing a school that feels like a good fit for you!
  4. CONGRATS!! I'm so excited to start, and I know how much you've wanted it :D you did it! Can't wait to be classmates!! See you in 2 weeks!!


    Find us on facebook!

  5. Hey we are going to be classmates!

  6. Congratulations on getting accepted to UMDNJ. I just wanted to ask how soon after the interview there were you notified of your acceptance. I am interviewing with them on 2-21, really excited, although I think that date may be the last set of interviewees. Again Congrats!

  7. oh n/m i just saw your info... what part of jersey are you from?

  8. Hey! Still no update for this interview. Ahh. UMD is my one and only choice. So I put all my eggs in one basket. I did my Dietetic Internship at UMD (that was also my only choice also.. hopefully my record can be 2-0 haha) and felt like this school super prepares everyone for their professional careers. Even my buddies who went to dental and med school are spoken of fondly just because they went to UMD. Other PA's that didn't go to UMD also say great things about UMDNJ PA graduates. SOOOOoooo hopefully this works out! BTW Are you from NJ?

  9. Hi there! Best of luck to you at your interview for UMD, whenever that may be! Don't be nervous! The hard part is getting the interview in the first place...and once you get there, the staff is so nice and welcoming, it will be hard to even be worried!


    Hopefully we can be classmates :) Is UMD your #1?

    Keep me updated!



  10. Hey! I saw your post about UMDNJ... Congrats! I have an interview there... no date yet.... my anxiety is almost making me sick! LOL... Hopefully we'll be classmates ;)

  11. Undergrad Ed School: Montclair State University (NJ) Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.76 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.51 Graduate Ed School: (if applicable) Montclair State University Cumulative Graduate GPA: (if applicable) (in progress) Science Graduate GPA: (if applicable) (in progress) Age at application time : 22 GRE: Not needed HCE : (type & hours) Clinical Information Manager of an Emergency Department -- 2000+ hours, which includes CPR/AED certification Extracurricular/Research Activities: Various volunteer and charity work -- ~300 hrs total Schools Applied: UMDNJ, Hofstra, Pace, St. John's University Application Submitted Date: 7/23/10 Schools Received Application Date: (approximate date) About 1 week after submission -- 7/30 or so Interview Invites: Hofstra (11/1), UMDNJ (11/23) Denied: none Withdrew Application: Will withdraw from Pace and SJU Waitlisted: none Accepted: Hofstra (received acceptance letter via snail mail on 11/15), and UMDNJ (received acceptance e-mail hours after the interview) -- my #1 choice! Class of 2014 :) Attempts: First
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