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  1. Anyone receive a rejection letter without interviewing?
  2. Hey I have definitely been in that situation where I was invited for an interview and didn't get in. Only because I spent so much money on hotels and plane tickets. Once I followed up and wondered why I received a rejection, those schools also took forever as well. They didn't comment anything about my interview skills, they just looked back onto my application and blamed my grades or GRE score. Which was very frustrating because they had that information to begin with, so I wasn't sure why they even offered me an interview. But to comment on the group physical part of the interview, looking back I think we just think too much into the interview that we end up making some mistakes. If you would have observed the two male students instead of the females I think it would have been fine. At then end I think they were just trying to observe you and your interaction with the students. Because you chose the females I think that just made you uncomfortable and your reactions could have been interpreted differently by the admissions committee. You were nervous or uncomfortable but they may have taken that as you being uninterested during that part of the interview. Maynard, if this is your passion I definitely advise you to keep pursuing. I know this can be frustrating because your stats are pretty solid. Maybe try to gain healthcare exposure in a different setting. Volunteer or work, do whichever your schedule allows you to do. Switch up your recommendations if you feel that this might be an issue. But for Mercer, the one thing I do know is that if you're offered an interview, you have met or exceeded all if their requirements to get into their program. They just want to know if you will be a good fit for their particular program. They really praise their students for engaging in team work because once you're in, there's no more competing allowed. Hope this advice helps!
  3. Im sorry to hear the news :( Did you follow up with the school to see what happened and why you got rejected? I know how that goes when you feel that you did well during the interview but you get rejected and not even wait listed!
  4. When is your interview? Will you be driving or flying here? The hotels around Mercer aren't that great but you can get a nice comfortable stay a few miles out of that area
  5. Any advice on shaking these nerves before the interview? I was extremely nervous for my first PA school interview which made me very unconfident.. Definitely don't want to make the same mistake for Mercer!
  6. I think everyone has been getting that email. They have more time this year to consider applicants
  7. Are interview invites through emails only?
  8. For those that got an interview, could you post or PM me your stats? Just curious where I fall into the whole applicant pool that were invited for interviews this year
  9. Was anyone else aware of Mercer drastically changing their deadline this year? I found out in January that they no longer were going to have the second cycle of CASPA...
  10. Hopefully soon :/, they said they're pretty good about going through applications and feeding people out if we don't get interviews
  11. Submitted mine today! Waiting game begins today...
  12. They said they just began really reviewing applications.
  13. Has anyone sent in their application to Mercer for January 2015 start?
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