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  1. I am in my clinical year and very interested in oncology. I have an onc rotation coming up in April. I am looking for any advice on resources that I can check out to help me prepare for this rotation and possible career choice. Thanks in advance...
  2. PLease let us know the preliminary results. I am curious...I suspect mostly wait listed.
  3. I haven't heard anything. I think Julia said it could be a couple of weeks.
  4. Got an invitation today to interview on Feb 4th! Hopefully, many of you will hear today too.
  5. Alliecat419: What part of NH are you in? I am in southern Vermont and have taken all of my pre-req's from here. I did a combination of cc, online and hybrid classes.Let me know where you are and I will see if I can come up with some suggestions. It is challenge but not impossible.
  6. ambsklind: sorry to hear you're not interviewing for DE. Will you still be interviewing Jan 24 & 25? I hear if you live close enough to Madison, they won't consider you. I wish you luck in your process!
  7. I was wondering the same thing. I may contact Erin to find out. She is always very helpful. ambsklind: are you applying to the distance program? Some of us may try to get together for dinner wednesday evening. Let us know if you are interested in joining us.
  8. lbs431:I am hoping for decent weather. I will be flying in from Vermont. Will you be arriving the 23rd and staying in town? Do you know Madison well? I have extended family in Milwaukee but don't know Madison at all. I am looking forward to the process and meeting fellow candidates.
  9. On UW's website there is a link to a video general information session. In that video Erin gives some information about the two day interview process. The first day is attending a lecture with current students, then lunch with staff and faculty, and then time with candidates and current PA students. The second day is two individual interviews with groups of faculty/staff. There are no group interviews, according to the video. They interview about 20 people a week. Hope this helps! Anyone else apply to the DE program?
  10. Got an interview for the DE program...so excited. The e-mail comes with an attachment that is not a document but erin's coontact info (at least that is how it shows up on my mac). Interviewing Jan 24 & 25. Anyone else? Also - I am not from WI.
  11. hate to admit it....but I too am anxious to get some news and am checking e-mail more frequently.
  12. You know, they will have one year under their belt and hopefully will have learned some things. I have no doubt they will still be working out the details for the next class but....yeah...I am up for it. I am scheduled for 8:30am. I am surprised we aren't all scheduled at the same time. Good lcuk.
  13. redhotdrummer, Not sure I have anything else to add. Right now it is not cold but we are expecting a boatload of rain and high winds. Should pass by the second but be sure to check flight schedules.... we are expecting power outages to last a week - could slow some things down. Good luck. Are you interviewing in the morning or afternoon?
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