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  1. Just wanted to update everyone that I did receive confirmation that I am getting an award! I feel so blessed and grateful! Best of luck to everyone who hasn't heard yet--Hang in there! Just FYI my site has a score of 16 : )
  2. Congrats Jbpa282! You definitely deserve a splurge this weekend! Thank you for the update--I got the initial email about "confirming interest", but have not yet received the second email that you mentioned. I hope I get it soon! Did they say whether the 2 year time frame begins now or when you actually receive the money? I am just curious about how they do the timing. Anyway congratulations and Kudos to you for working with the underserved : )
  3. Hey Djr02d! Congrats on getting the email! I got an email asking me to "confirm interest" and to "accept the offer", but it also said "you are not guaranteed an award at this time". Is that the same email that you got? Do you think that we will definitely get awards since they asked for banking info? I am so happy for us if that's what it means!
  4. Wow that has to be the best feeling ever though to pay off your loans so quickly! How did they notify you when you were selected? Email? Letter?
  5. Thanks for your responses guys! So two people were denied at your location with a score of 16 last year?! I'm shocked because I heard that most people with scores >13 got awarded last year. Did the NHSC give them any indication as to why they were denied? Glad to hear that you are enjoying the program! I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get picked!
  6. Is there anyone else out there who applied for the NHSC Loan Repayment Program cycle this year? Does anyone know what scores got awarded last year? Has anyone gotten any feedback regarding their application for this year's cycle? Every time I call to find out when we will find out whether we got awarded, I get a different answer. Some people say July, some August, some September... Just seeing if anyone else is in the waiting game with me :)
  7. I just got my rejection letter in the mail.....but don't worry I will be starting Summer 2010 somewhere else so I'm unaffected : ) Good luck to the rest of you guys!!!
  8. Thank you so much for writing this! It gives me hope! : )
  9. Awesome---Thanks for letting me know. I love waiting....
  10. Hey Guys--How long after your applications were mailed did you hear from Salus?
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