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  1. Thanks for the helpful reply, Randito. Assuming this was not your first job out of school, what about your previous positions do you feel prepared you for the position? Do you enjoy the job overall? Also, I'd be interested to hear about any particular resources that you found helpful when you got started in the field....
  2. I’ve been working in pulmonary critical care for the last five years and am applying to a position on a lung transplant team. The job would be a combination of outpatient evaluation pre-op/post-op as well as some inpatient. No OR time. Wondering if anyone out there has made a similar transition... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. That sounds pretty good, especially with consecutive nights. Any weekends? For me, nights are the part of the job that kills me. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be many strictly day jobs out there.
  4. That does help....and yes, experience is an important part of this. I have about five years of ICU experience. Though we have billing goals, we have no incentive bonus structure.
  5. I'll revive this thread since it has died down and will be useful to me going into review season. I work in New England in a Medical ICU with a good amount of autonomy (solo at night at two community hospitals as well as regular shifts with some Intensivist support at a tertiary care teaching hospital). The pay is not very good, given our scope of practice (H&Ps, consults, intubation, line and tube placements), and compared to what others are getting but may be related to New England (interested to hear what others have to say here). $115,000 for 3 - 13.33 hour shifts per week. O
  6. Agreed, though AAPA salary survey doesn't have a whole lot of data on salaries for Crit Care. The data they do have says that my salary is the low side of average for my area. Either way, after doubling my production each year that I've been working, its time to have a discussion.
  7. Any Critical Care PAs out there? Curious what the salary range is as I gear up to talk money with my employer. Making mid-90s with three or so years of experience in the Northeast. 160 hours/mo with one weekend per month and 1/3 nights.
  8. No non-compete clause. Asked about that. As far as days off, I'm not planning on taking on much more work initially but have the option to pick up per diem work at a local ED where I rotated during school.
  9. I just received an offer for an UC position and am wondering what the average new grad should expect to be able to handle as far as patient load. During the interview I was able to take a look at their numbers and each provider sees an average of 24 patients during each 12 hour shift. Also would appreciate any input on the offer itself... $88k with $5k sign-on bonus and possibility of 5% bonus based on chart review quality, which would be graded by my SP (clinic employee, not owner). Three 12-hour shifts, one of which is a weekend day. Other than one weekend day, the schedule is flexib
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