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  1. Harding University encourages overseas rotations. They are offered as electives during the clinical year. Sites include Zambia, Uganda, Guatemala, the Ship of Hope in Nepal, and others. There is also a mission trip offered every spring break to Guatemala and many students participate in this.
  2. Congrats Srcloud!!!! How exciting for you! Hopefully some of us will be in the same boat soon. congrats again!
  3. I am alternate too! But after meeting all the people at the interviews I am grateful to still be in the running. Everyone was very impressive! Hopefully we will hear some positive news soon.... Best of luck to everyone and congrats to all who got in!
  4. From what Dr. Blessing said: 1200 + applicants, 90 interviews, 30 spots (8 of which are already filled). The alternate pool is not ranked from what he said so I don't know how they pick from the pool. Dr. Blessing said they usually make it to about 4 or 5 on the alternate list. He said we should know within 2 weeks (which is the end of the month). Good luck to everyone!
  5. Me!!!! Its my first interview and I am super nervous! Hopefully we will all do well.
  6. I was reading through the thread and in past posts people mentioned sample interview questions from saapa. Are these still available? After scouring the website and attempting old links I cannot seem to find them. Thanks!
  7. I am driving in from the Houston area the night before and will need a hotel close to campus. Does anyone have any recomendations?
  8. I got invited to the Jan 16th interview!!!! I am so excited! Cant wait to meet everyone!
  9. I just got the letter saying that they got all my stuff. How long should it be before I hear something else?
  10. Thanks so much for posting this!!! This gives me hope that the waiting will be worth the while! Congrats and thanks again for posting this thread.
  11. Congrats to all of yall!!!! That is such exciting news. I am still waiting to even get my supplemental app...... so hopefully I am not out of the running just yet!
  12. thanks for the info gobyu! Even though I am still waiting for my Caspa to be processed I am pretty excited about the possibility of Salus. And congrats and interview is one step closer to an amazing school and career :)
  13. If you dont mind me asking, when you called them did they tell you how the interview would be set up? Is it a one or two day? Any information you would like to share would be helpful!!! And congrats on the interview! What an accomplishment :)
  14. I applied to Salus too but I am still waiting for my app to clear CASPA....... and why does Salus not have its own school section?
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