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  1. you're never too old to start PA school... there are people of ALL AGES in my program... don't let that stop you if thats what you really want.
  2. Not PA-C yet, but will be mid January. I haven't narrowed my search down to anything very specific yet. Right now my interests are limitless
  3. I dont know how this process has been for others, but for me it has been an unsuccessful, disappointing, discouraging process. Unfortunately for me, I have narrowed my search to the Salt Lake City, UT area. My husband and I are moving there when I graduate in December - we want to live in the mountains and do it while we are young. I have applied to several jobs that I have seen posted on Utah specific job boards (hospital boards, utah assoc of pa board, ETC, but to NO AVAIL. Not even a phone call much less an interview. does UAB have a bad rep or something? What am I doing wrong... I ca
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