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  1. No, I do not know about secondary applications and interviews. I know you want answers, but try to find a distraction. ultimately, it all works out.
  2. Hi and congrats on getting into Cornell. If you have school housing available and you don't mind living with others, I would choose that first because it is easy...easy to get to both campuses and no hassle with paperwork etc....If you have something already arranged in Queens and you like quiet and your privacy, then go for Queens. I am not a fan of commuting so I prefer to live near campus. The school is flexible about moving out, so you can always move out in the future.
  3. My interpretation of the PA profession is quite different. While it is true that graduate programs can be rigorous, it does not mean that as a PA you cannot have a well-rounded life. It is possible to have a family and other interests. It just depends on your needs. I know some PAs that work relentlessly in a hospital/surgical practice and then moonlight for more hours. Others that work in a private general practice that functions on a more 9-5 basis, while others teach. Not only can the hours be flexible, but the work can too. You can switch between specialties depending on your interes
  4. You are expected to be at the program Monday through Friday from 9-5. Some classes will be scheduled as late as 8pm and others as early as 8am. It depends on whether they need the classroom for other obligations...you share the classroom with the other enrolled classes and during interview season they may use the space for interviews. While you may have time off as a consequence, it just means that in the end you will have longer days and all the material you were supposed to cover in the 10 months is not covered. As long as you are spontaneous, then having your schedule only a week in
  5. Hi, advice....make sure you follow the rules very clearly when you apply to Cornell. They are serious about having all the information into CASPA before they receive it. You will not be able to send letters of recommendation or GRE scores separately. Your application will automatically be disqualified if you did not follow their rules. Interviews...be yourself. I find that the that the interviewers are more interested in your personality at this point than your credentials. Your credentials got you the interview. Now they want to see who you are. Some interviewers are more intim
  6. I am a Weill Cornell PA student open to questions about the Cornell PA program. I thought I would make myself available to anyone who might want to find out more about the school. Many students choose Cornell because of its surgical focus and because the name Cornell might serve them in the future. While this is may be true, it is a lot to pay for reputation. The school’s cost with tuition and fees (fees are an additional 20-25% of tuition) is approximately $75,000. Living in New York costs at least another $1500-2000/month. Total debt at the end of two years could be as much as $15
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