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  1. Congrats! I got a letter in the mail today...I am not sure if I am going to accept yet though...
  2. I posted something before but I guess its gone...Anyway I think they said they are going to try to make the final decisions within the next few weeks. They said so far 8 slots had been filled. And they made a really big deal about not calling if you get accepted somewhere else and trying to force them into making a decision...But I really think by the end of next month they should have picked the last people because they also said something about doing background checks for the new class in March. Hope that helps...Now I guess I can start waiting all over again...
  3. Im a late applicant too. My app and supp wasn't sent until September and I haven't received a transcript evaluation letter yet either.
  4. I applied too but I sent my app in kind of late. So just to be clear before you get an interview they send you a letter saying they reviewed your transcripts?
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